Ruger MK Reassembly One-Time FixHammer Strut Support(TM)(HSS) (patented) 

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For 22 LR Ruger MK III & II, AMT Lightning, and most Ruger MK 1 Pistols

Finally, a solution to easily reinstall the Mainspring Assembly into Ruger MK pistols.
Newly patented item makes reinstallation-quick, easy, and always correct, in seconds.  After removing the grips, the Hammer Strut Support(TM) (HSS) easily installs in a couple of minutes and remains in the handle.  No special tools or experience needed. 

The hammer strut will never again get lodged under the cross-pin in the handle.
(Note: not compatible with any 22/45 versions, or the new Mk IV models.
Compatible with some MK I/Standard pistols-see compatibility page for more details.)

A typical Ruger MK III, 22 LR pistol, with hammer mainspring assembly removed from handle.

Reinstalling the Hammer Mainspring Assembly into Ruger pistols is a major Problem

The Problem: Hammer Strut gets lodged under Cross-Pin, allowing improper reassembly, making gun inoperable, and possibly needing gunsmith to repair.

Butthe Hammer Strut Support(TM) 

will install under the Cross-Pin 

and remain there, keeping the 

hammer strut from ever going there again!

The Hammer Strut Support(TM), below, solves the problem!