Hammer Strut Support(TM)(HSS) (patented)  
For 22LR Ruger Mark III & II Pistols and some Ruger MK I, Ruger Standard, and AMT Lightning Pistols

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Feb 8, 2018

Rick G,


Jan 30, 2018
Mark R,
Easiest Ruger MkII modification I have done and I have done everything that most average folks do, triggers, hammers, sears, extractors etc. Takes about 5 minutes to put in. Shipping was fast. Packaging and instructions are great. What else can i say?

Jan 23, 2018

45Flattop (from RugerForum.com)

I ordered two after reading John Taffin's remarks in American Handgunner
magazine recently, one for a MKII KMK512 and one for a much older, circa
1967 RST-4 and they both fit and work perfectly, for reference, the RST-4
is serial number 474XXX if anyone cares to set up a MKI/RST timeline on
determining if the HSS will likely fit their particular gun.

NOTE:  on this website, on the "Compatibility" tab, we are compiling this info, if anyone else would like to contribute your info. Thank you,--Tom, HSS Corp

Jan 23, 2018


I found them and ordered 2. Gave one to my friend that hates his Mark III just because of taking it down to clean it. He has not had a problem since his install. Thanks for a great product.

Jan 22, 2018

Les M,

I emailed HSS to ask why MK II/III & not MK I. Got an email back & it turns out the '70s MK I's had an alignment problem when drilling the cross pin holes. Some would fit, others wouldn't. My MK I is early 70's. I went ahead & ordered 2, MK I & MK II. They got here much faster than I was able to get the time to get them installed. The MK II was no problem. The MK I took some effort, but I did get it in. Great product & it works just like advertised. Highly recommend it.

Jan 21, 2018


After years of aggravation, THANK YOU!

Jan 14, 2018

Scott F,

Thanks for making such a great product!!! Easy to install and now saves me a lot of stress when putting my MkIII back together!!!!

Jan 6, 2017

Biker 4751,

Installs and works perfectly with the Volquartsen lower (clone for Ruger MKIII). Please notify me when you get a similar product available for the Ruger 22/45.

Dec 29, 2017

Ed M,

The Hammer Strut Support arrived here very quickly - I installed them on a Ruger Mark II and Mark III and as you said, very easy.  Great product!  I have recommended it to my friends.

Dec 28, 2017
Walter S,
I just ordered 3 Hammer Strut Supports on 12/22/2017 at 11PM and I received them in the mail on 12/26/2017 at 3PM. Wow, are you fast at filling and mailing orders!!!!!
I installed a hammer strut support in a Mark III, a Mark II, and a Mark I on the evening of 12/27/2017. The strut fit into all three Rugers without a hitch. On the Mark I, the strut surprisingly fit with no adjustment whatsoever!! After reading on your website about the possible difficulties with installation on Mark 1s I was flabbergasted to say the least. For your information, my Mark I is a 1979 model. Thanks for being able to design and manufacture such a fine and easy to install part to make cleaning a Pre-Mark IV Ruger .22LR handgun so much easier to endure!!!
Walter S
PS: I wish you continued success in your designing, manufacturing and sales of your business.

Dec 26, 2017


I successfully installed both of them, one in an ancient yet well preserved Standard Model from 1967 and a new until yesterday afternoon, MKII Target.  Both work precisely as advertised and I am past satisfied.

Dec 18, 2017


recv'd my HSS and it was in my TALO RIO-edition SS Mark III within one minute after taking off the grips - excellent fit, easy install, and indispensable! thanks!

Dec 14, 2017

Tom M.,

I have a MK II that I bought used about three years ago. I had the common struggle, at first, when going through the usual struggle to take down/clean and reassemble. So, I have now done so more than 100 times. But, the learning curve was a challenge. With the simple installation of the HSS, it now couldn't be much easier. Thanks so much for this excellent, inexpensive part.

Dec 12, 2017


Thank you very much, your device is already making my reassembly of my Ruger Mk I and Mark II a lot easier. Your product works even in my Mk I.  Excellent product.  I sure will tell any of my friends and any one than I'm coming across at the Range, that will has a Ruger 22.
Thanks again wonderful product.

Dec 7, 2017


Finally got around to "try" & fit the strut support in my MkIII.  After what seemed like hours of watching videos & it not sliding into grip, I finally found a video that showed it had to be tilted to drop in. I just never noticed the frame was wider once inside. My bad. Even so, you might mention this fact in future instructions. It now works as promised. Thanks. 

NOTE: HSS Corp website added HSS installation comment about this.   Thank you-Tom 

Nov 28, 2017


THANK YOU........
I hope you become a millionaire... It took a little bit to get it in. I pulled the pin too far so I had to rehook the spring. My pin has a widget of a bend to it, so it took a bit to get it back in, but once I did she works like a champ. 
Thank You.....

Nov 27, 2017 
John G
Terrific idea. Took less than 15 minutes for the entire installation. Wish this had come along years ago and downside, now I have no excuse to not clean the gun.

Nov 24, 2017

Tom H,

I made this improvement on my Ruger MK III and made a review of it and now I am doing another review after doing the same to my MK II and as with both pistols, I had absolutely no issues when firing them at the range and the installation was simple and took about ten minutes. This modification will save a lot of frustration and stress when reassembling the firearm and the Ruger engineers are probably kicking themselves for not thinking of it in the first place. Happy trails and God bless America.

Nov 20, 2017

Terry T,

I have told how wonderful your product is. Gave your address and phone number. It took about 2 minutes to install each and now I don’t have to buy a new gun just to keep it clean. Hope you get a whole lot of business. God bless and thanks again.

Nov 19, 2017

Tom B

Just wanted to let you know I received the 2 hammer strut supports I ordered. I installed one on a Ruger Mark II and one on a Ruger Mark I. Both installed easily and they worked great. Thank you for bringing this to market. Mark me down as a real fan and keep up the good work. Now, since I am a south paw, please dream up an ambi safety for me. (Smile). Thank you again and many kudos to HSS Corp.

Nov 19, 2017


I hope you are happy with yourselves. Your little $17 piece of metal saved me about $500 to $600 on a new Ruger Mark IV. Seeing as you were so helpful in making my Mark II easy to service and clean, maybe you can suggest what I can do with my extra and unneeded $600.
Seriously, a brilliant device. You saw a problem and devised a solution. Honestly I think you should charge more than $17... Seeing as I already have mine.

Nov 18, 2017


Received my Hammer Strut Support yesterday, and installed it just as you say.  Being my first, it took a little extra time, maybe 10 minutes, but it went in and it works!  I have always hated to clean that pistol, because it is such a SOB to field strip and re-assemble.  This really helps.  Will spread the gospel wherever I can.

Nov 17, 2017

Tom H,

I saw an article in Guns Magazine written by John Taffin about this item and ordered one for my Ruger MKIII and it took about a week to get it. I installed it in less than ten minutes, took it to the range the same day and fired 200 rounds just to make sure that the part did not interfere with the function of the pistol. My MKIII worked flawlessly with absolutely no issues at all so I have ordered another one for my Ruger MKII pistol. Bill Ruger is probably looking from above in awe? God bless America.

Nov 16, 2017


Just installed my HSS in my Ruger standard. Made in 1978, serial number starts with 14-. Perfect fit, no problem. Thought it might be helpful to you to know.

Nov 16, 2017


Made time this morning to install Hammer Strut Support in My Ruger MK 1 Bull barrel.

Went in like a dream.  Will pass word around the indoor pistol range.

Nov 13, 2017


Received it today in the mail. Installed it tonight. Thanks. Fits great. Looks like a great product. You should have worked for Ruger.

Nov 11, 2017

Tom G (customer),

I installed my HSS hammer strut today, am very happy with it, but would suggest in your installation instructions that it should state that the magazine should be left in , I fought it until that come to mind and ,viola, went together in a snap.

NOTE: HSS Corp website added HSS installation comment for MK III  pistols to have magazine installed to enable hammer movement forward (hammer fired position). Thank you-Tom (HSS Corp)

Nov 2, 2017


The strut was easy and quick to install. Reassembly of the gun was a breeze. I will be shooting my mark 11 much more often because I no longer dread the reassembly after cleaning. I hope the inventor makes a pile of cash.

Oct 29, 2017


Tom, I just installed an HSS in my MK III Target pistol. Piece of cake. Video is excellent. Now to do my Competition MK III.  I shared the video with the Ruger Face Book page.  I thank you and wish you success in your endeavors. 

Oct 28, 2017


Just wanted to thank you for developing the HSS. I've had my Mk II for nearly 20 years and have shot it only 3 or 4 times because it is such a pain to reassemble after cleaning. Now that I'm 70 years old I can start shooting my favorite 22 pistol again on a regular basis.
The installation was so easy....using a pair of my fly fishing forceps to hold the hammer strut I was able to slip the HSS in place sitting at the kitchen table.
Perfect, and again thank you!

Oct 27, 2017


Thanks a LOT for your prompt reply,  you have a GREAT product.
I've used it on a friends Mark II.  I wish everyone knew about this
item, as there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a newer model.
I'll be sure to pass this info to everyone that I know ! ! !

Oct, 27, 2017


Ordered two. Arrived quickly. Installed one in my Mark III Target easily. Very simple install. Second one is for my daughters Mark III. Five stars plus!

Oct 8, 2017
Mostly Right
The Hammer Support Strut was a breeze to install thanks to the instructive and clear video. 5 Stars for functionality and easy of installation. The machine tooling is also pretty good. I would buy again.

Sep 22, 2017


Just installed my HSS in a NIB MkIII. I had to drive the pin and the mainspring assembly out with punches. Other than that it was a piece of cake.
Previously I had a MkII and seemed to always have trouble putting the thing back together. This time around I decided to take a proactive approach right from the get-go; thanks to Tom's brilliant and simple invention. Thank you, Tom, for eliminating future angst and frustration. :-)

Aug 6, 2017


Best thing I've ever done with my Ruger Mach 2 thank you H S S Corp.

April 21, 2017
Wounded Knee Floyd
I ordered this, got it in the mail last night, installed it in about two minutes, very slick. My days of struggle are over. Thanks for the excellent product! Floyd.

March 11, 2017


I saw it on Ebay. I asked in another thread if it was a solution to a problem that I really did not have.  Then I decided what the heck and ordered it to give it a try. I never had many problems taking mine apart or putting it back together, but the strut support seems to be made nicely and works well on my Mark III.

March 1, 2017

Sweet William

I got mine a couple weeks ago. Works great.
Problem is it cost me a lot more then I needed to spend. When I took it apart to install and give the pistol a good cleaning I decided to order a Volquartsen accurizing kit with stainless trigger and the part to eliminate the loaded chamber indicator. Lol
Turned her into a mark11.

Feb 26, 2017
Well I finally got time to put in the HSS and it was as easy as can be.  Everything that Tom had on his video on YouTube, and instructions that were provided were spot on.
It's great to know there are people out there that have concerns enough to figure out a fix that will save people a lot of time and frustration,
A+goes out to you Tom and I hope Ruger contacts you wanting to work somthing out to benefit both of you .
Good luck with your "fix"
Feb 24, 2017
My two landed. Installed one in a couple of minutes. Definitely makes assembly a great deal easier. Great product!
February 3, 2017
My Hammer Strut Support (HSS) arrived today. I installed it on my old Ruger Standard. Very simple installation and it works great!