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Typical Ruger MK III, 22 LR pistol,

with hammer mainspring assembly removed from handle

Ruger MK, mainspring assembly, and Hammer Strut Support

Finally, a solution to easily reassemble Mainspring Assembly into Ruger MK pistols.


This patented item makes reassembly-quick, easy, and ALWAYS CORRECT.  This ONE-TIME FIX is simply an assembly aid that remains in the pistol.  After installation, it does not touch any moving or functioning part of the pistol.


After removing the grips, the Hammer Strut Support(R) (HSS) easily installs in a few minutes and remains in the handle.  No special tools or experience needed. 


The hammer strut will never again get lodged under the cross-pin in the handle.


(Note: NOT COMPATIBLE with some MK I models, 1965-1975. See compatibility page for more details.)

(Note: NOT COMPATIBLE with any 22/45 version, or the new Mk IV models.

Compatible with most MK I/Standard pistols-see compatibility page for more details.)

Hammer Strut Support(R)  made in USA.

Reassembling Hammer Mainspring Assembly
into Ruger pistols is MAJOR Problem

The Problem:  Hammer Strut gets stuck under Cross-Pin

The Problem:  Hammer Strut stuck under Cross-Pin,  allowing improper reassembly, makes gun inoperable, and

very difficult to repair.

HSS installed under cross-pin: problem solved

The Fix:

Hammer Strut Support (TM) (HSS) installs under Cross-Pin and remains there, keeping hammer strut from 

ever going there again!

Hammer Strut Support(R) solves the problem!

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