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Customer Reviews

353. July 2, 2024   

Jeffry S,

The proprietor called me twice so I could get the correct HSS for my 1970 Ruger Standard pistol. As I have one in my Mark II pistol, I know they work and are well machined.

352.   June 26, 2024

Ed S,

Service top notch. The gentleman on the phone don’t get no better than him. I wish he was my next-door neighbor. Thanks.


351.   June 24, 2024


BEST $20 bucks I have ever spent!!!! Just acquired a used MKIII Target and installed the Hammer Strut. Took me a couple of tries but I got it back together and all is well with the pistol. THANKS Tom!!!


350.   June 12, 2024    

Mark A,

The hammer strut support arrived in three days and took about 15 minutes to install. It fit my Mark III perfectly, just like it did my Mark I on a previous installation. I would recommend this item for all Mark I, II or III pistols it makes reassembly much easier.

349.   June 7, 2024

Rich T,

Thank you.

Quick shipping, great instructions, easy installation.


348.   May 25, 2024

Thomas P,

Arrived safely this afternoon and went directly into Mark I without issue.  Thank you.


347.   Apr 24, 2024

Addison G,

Thank you for this product it is a real good modification for my Ruger Mk2 . And your instructions for reassembly after installation are the best I’ve ever seen you didn’t miss a single important point to a ridiculously difficult reassembly. My last reassembly took 3 hours mainspring just wasn’t cooperating. Finally I held everything in just the right position and done . I just did it in about 30 seconds with the hammer strut support installed. Thanks for this surprisingly simple fix .

346. Apr 8, 2024

Steve P,

This is such a good idea. I saw the ad in a magazine several times before deciding to try it. Delivery was prompt. I have a 1974 Mk1 and it has always been challenging to reassemble. The clearence under the cross pin was insufficient to install the HSS, but with some filing in the channel it went in. I'm really pleased with the outcome, it's a simple matter to take down and reassemble the gun now.

NOTE from HSS Corp: Ruger was inconsistent with the clearance under the crosspin from 1970 to 1975. As Steve mentioned, the fix is simple. Just be sure to use some primer paint on our Hammer Strut Support where you have removed some of it's protective electroplated coating.

345. Mar  26, 2024

John J,

My friend ordered an extra and gave it to me. I just installed it while doing a thorough cleaning. Once the gun is apart it takes less than a minute to install. It stops the hammer strut from getting stuck behind the pin during reassembly. Definitely worth the money. I just ordered three more for my other Ruger MK III's.

344. Mar 21, 2024

John P,

I received the Hammer Strut Support today!  Already have it installed and ready to go shooting this Sunday if not sooner!  Thank you so much for inventing this awesome part!  It will make cleaning the old Mark 2 a whole lot easier!  My Mark 2 is one of my favorite pistols of all time!  It's all stainless steel with the slab side barrel.  Love this pistol!  I have 20 magazines for it too!  Just finished polishing it all up and it looks like new!  Once again... thank you so very much!!!

343.   Mar 21, 2024

via Square

Very friendly, courteous and over the top with technical advise and recommendations!


342.   Jan 26, 2024


I inherited a Mark II Target from a family friend and the first time I took it out I loved the way it handled and particularly the accuracy. After I broke it down and cleaned it, like many others I had a heck of a time getting it back together. I was about ready to give up and sell it off when I remembered the ad for the HSS in the back of every issue of The NRA's American Rifleman magazine. I decided to risk the $20 bucks and I am very happy that I did. Watched the video and had it installed in about 15 minutes, and the gun back together in 5 minutes. Needless to say I will keep the gun. Highly recommended!


341.   Jan 16, 2024

Draza K,

Tom was extremely helpful and very patient helping me with my Ruger assembly . Couldn’t recommend Tom and more highly. Great customer service , great product !

340.   Jan 9, 2024  

Michael P,

I have installed this HSS on a MKIII and a MKI, The MKI required the channel or slot the pin slides through to hold the HSS in place. The MK1 an older pistol 1967 to 1975. THANK YOU for this non invasive mod!

339.   Dec 22, 2023

Mike R, 

Thankyou for your support during installation of hammer strut support.  I called twice and talked with Tom and he was most helpful.  I will recommend your strut support to other folks who own Ruger MK pistols.  My Ruger works great now and I want to wish everyone at HSS Corp. a wonderful Christmas! 


338.   Dec 11, 2023   

Sylvan M,

I received the two Hammer Support Strut promptly from Tom and proceeded to install. I reviewed the video and enclosed instructions and installation went smoothly. On reassembly of the first pistol I had problems getting the mainspring assembly flush. A call to Tom quickly resolved the problem I had and within two minutes the pistol was back together, functioning perfectly. If you have a Ruger Mark Series pistol, you need this nifty item. My only complaint is that I put off purchasing this item for twenty years. I guess I'm getting smarter as I age.


337.   Nov 5, 2023

Steve P,

Even a 72 year old fart like me had no trouble installing the hammer strut support on my Ruger Mark II. Always hated to take it apart to clean it because it was so hard to reassemble. Now I won’t have an excuse for not cleaning it after shooting it. Good installation video!


336.   Nov 5, 2023

via Square customer feedback:

Fixed me up perfectly could not ask for better service


335.   Sep 16, 2023

Dave L,

OMG a product that actually works! I have a Ruger Standard Model. Watched the video half a dozen times. Took less than five minutes to install. Reassembly was a breeze. Thank You!!!!

334.   Sep 14, 2023

Steve B,

My new Hammer Strut Support arrived yesterday for a Ruger Mark I manufactured in late 1977. I had reviewed the information here on the website before purchasing as it looked like an HSS would likely not have compatibility issues with that MK I. I read those details as well, just in case....The instructions were clear and as advertised, it took only about two minutes to install. My problem arose upon reassembly. The mainspring housing assembly simply would not lock back in place. I did follow the compatibility correction page instructions and filed a very small amount out of the notch on the HSS. Still did not latch closed. Got late, so I put it away. I took two photos of the unclosed latch and texted them to Tom, following up with an immediate phone call. He had lunch in the oven for his bride so he said he had only three minutes. I asked if he would prefer that I call hem back. Nope..will only take two minutes...He described what to do, which was only a "process" issue, not a compatibility issue. I listened as he told me how to reassemble, then I did it as he talked me through it, and in two minutes I was completely reassembled, function checks successfully performed! Great customer service. Not only was my call about three minutes from start to finish, but the most important part? Lunch was perfect! Thank you Tom and!! 


333.   July 30, 2023

James E,

Awesome. You want to know how simple this was. I'll Tell you. Knowing the reputation of the MKIII, I Purchased anyway. I Used the MKIII a bit and was dreading the up and coming cleaning, as luck would have it, I saw the advertisement back of magazine. Punched up website, watched video , was sold and ordered online. 2 days later received hammer strut support. For me, having already watched the video 2 days earlier, I got into it asap when part arrived, figuring the video explained it pretty simple and did not look to tough. It felt like i was done before i stared. Under 2 minutes to install ( with nothing more than paper clip ad screwdriver). So hear is the Miracle Under 5 minutes to dis-assemble and assemble my MKIII for the first time. You wanna know how on it and professional this outfit is, going into this i had sorta a question, so i called and left a voicemail, maybe 15 min i had a callback . But i was already done with the install and assembly 10 minutes ago, and the call came in . and had the help/info I thought i needed.


332.   June 21, 2023

Patrick P,

Just wanted to thank you again for this great product. I'm no longer afraid to shoot my Mk I and Mk II because I dreaded disassembly, cleaning and reassembly so. No more dread, reassembly is as easy as pie!

331.   May 16, 2023


Tom was very engaging and easy to work with. Transaction was very easy and simple.


330.   April 19, 2023

Unknown name

just wanted to give you a big thumbs up, thanks for the information over the phone and especially the fine product! install was super easy and fixed the headache that was preventing me from using it more often, many thanks!  


329.   Mar 23, 2023

Frank T,

Like many others I always dreaded the break down and cleaning of my MK 2. To avoid a proper cleaning I would buy an aresol can of brake cleaner, remove the grips a soak the inards repeatably then dry with an air compresser. Not a very good cleaning. I saw the add in the NRA magazine several years ago and was interested but put off purchasing one. I decided to pop for one and now consider myself a MK2 pro. Lol! For many years I struggled with reassembly and after hours of trying never knew for sure what I did to get it back together. What a great item. Best $23 bucks I ever spent. Thanks for a great item.


328.   Feb 26, 2023

Russ C,

Thank you for the easy to install fix for my Ruger Mark II. Now that you have made it easy to reassemble after cleaning, I will be shooting my Ruger more often.

327.   Feb 21, 2023

Gary H,

On or around the 19th of February, I contacted you about purchasing one of your Hammer Strut Supports for my old Ruger pistol. I was unable to give you the exact clearance between the body of the pistol and the cross-pin. Your salesman went WAY BEYOND courtesy and helpfulness to me.  He even sent me a selection of six different strut supports to be sure that I could select the  proper one for my pistol. To make a long story short, he said I should determine which one actually fit my pistol and then sent the others back with a $20 bill in payment.  He didn’t even question me as to the particulars of my credit card, so I won’t put them in this letter and will instead send my personal check for $30 with my thanks. To the individual who worked over the phone to handle me, I can only say, you are a true credit to your company. If other people in other companies and relationships had your courtesy and kindness, it would be a dramatically different world.  Again, thank you my friend.


326. Jan 14, 2023


Thanks for this great product! My old MK I and my only slightly newer MK II Target are SO much easier to reassemble.


325. Jan 14, 2023


Installation was a breeze in both my 1976 MK I Standard and my 1984 MK II Government Model Target. The hammer strut support product certainly makes reassembly MUCH easier.


324. Jan 9, 2023


I was reluctant to purchase this hammer strut support because I was afraid I would take my gun apart and it would end up never being put back together again. I watched the video before taking the gun apart and one more time while I taking it apart, it went together so easy I thought I did it wrong. I checked over and over again and it’s fixed, thanks!

323. Dec 13, 2022

Tom S,

With your help I have SUCCESSFULLY installed the new Hammer Strut Support in my Mark II Competition Target model!!!! Thank you very much!!! Previously, I had success installing the HSS in my Mark II standard, but was struggling with the Target gun. I also have a Mark III that I found a bent sear spring pin, I am waiting on a new pin to assemble the HSS in this one. The instructions that you provided will help me with this installation also. Thank you for the quick reply and for developing this product!! I will speak highly of the Hammer Strut Support to my friends!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Thank you again,

Reviews by National Magazines:

NRA American Rifleman Magazine


Product Preview: Hammer Strut Support for Ruger Mark Series .22 Rimfire Pistols

Owners of Ruger’s Mark series .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic pistols have long dreaded cleaning them due to the onerous nature of the reassembly process, which could sometimes result in a non-functional pistol. While the new Mark IV model solved that dilemma by way of a simple takedown button, original Standard Model, Mark II and Mark III guns can now be made similarly foolproof with a ....... user-installable component that remains in the pistol and precludes future incorrect reassembly. The patented U.S.-made Hammer Strut Support, designed by a retired engineer, blocks the hammer strut from becoming lodged under the sear spring stop pin, which lies transversely in the pistol’s grip frame. The device can be installed in minutes by the user and fits all Mark series pistols except 22/45 versions and those made from 1970-’74. For more information, visit

NRA American Rifleman Magazine,

March 2019, page 35

-see a full online digital review at:


Review - Handguns Magazine

by J. Scott Rupp

Editor in Chief


Pop quiz. Why did Ruger come out with the Mark IV semiauto rimfire? Was it A) because IV is greater than III, B) because they love Ro- man numerals or C) because the Mark III and 
previous versions were bears to reassemble? 
Owners of Mark III and prior guns know the answer is C.

But what if you're happy with your Mark II or III pistol and don't want to buy a IV? Enter HSS Corp. The company has come up with a support that keeps the pesky hammer strut from getting underneath the lower cross pin (sear spring stop pin). If that happens,the gun won't operate when you reassemble it, and you'll have to remedy it just to remove the bolt

when you try to disassemble it to figure what's wrong. It's not fun.

The Hammer Strut Support..... (HAMMERSTRUTSUPPORT.COM) fits all  Mark II and III pistols except for the 22/45 versions, and it's simple to install.................. and you'll never again utter curses while working on your Mark II or III.

-J. Scott Rupp

-see the full review in the

Dec 2017/Jan 2018 issue, page 12:


Review - Guns Magazine

by John Taffin 

"HAMMER STRUT SUPPORT I welcomed the current models (Ruger Mark IV) with open arms.. But what about the other millions of Ruger pistols out there of the same old design? Shouldn’t someone come up with an easier way? Well, someone has and it is a simple solution to a vexing problem which has brought some of us to the brink of drink and not so gentle words.

HSS has come up with a well thought out simple little addition to the Ruger Mark III and Mark II semi-automatic pistols, which makes reassembly so much easier. This little gadget is relatively easily installed without special tools. It is called the Hammer Strut Support by the company of the same name. This little gadget is about 5/8 inch in length with the channel through the center.

….It permits easy installation and allows the mainspring to be installed correctly and hassle-free ...

--John Taffin

 -see the full review in the 

January 2018 issue, page 69:


American Handgunner Magazine​


Hammer Strut Support

HSS Corp

The Hammer Strut Support is being offered by HSS Corp for the Ruger MK III and II rimfire pistols.  Measuring 0.65" x 0.48" x 0.125" and weighing 0.01 oz., the newly patented HSS allows a hammer mainspring assembly to be easily and correctly installed into the Ruger MK pistols.  Just remove the pistol's grips and install the Hammer Support Strut in the rear handle area.  The device remains in the handle.  No special tools or experience needed.  For more info: 

-see the full review in the

Mar/April 2018 issue, page 98:


322.  Nov 28, 2022

George H,

Reassembly of Mark 2

Tom the owner of the company just spent about 30 minutes with me trying to reassemble my Mark 2. The problem had nothing to do with the hammer strut support and he knew that and could have said good luck and hung up the phone, he didn't. He was patient and very supportive of me and we eventually solved the problem. Sometimes you learn more about a company when things are not going as they should. I came away knowing that Tom will back his product all the way and that he loves guns as much as I do. Thanks Tom.

321. Nov 27, 2022

Tom C,

What a great little device! So simple, and so effective. I've disassembled and reassembled my Mk I many times, being careful but still, every once in a while, the hammer strut would get stuck and I'd have to back up and start again. The Hammer Strut Support absolutely eliminates that concern and makes reassembly a breeze. My 1971 Mk I did not have the minimum 0.035" clearance under the cross pin, so I called Tom and he fixed me up with a HSS with a deeper cut slot that fit perfectly. Thanks, Tom, for super customer service.

320. Sep 20, 2022

William M,

Talk about a nifty item, this is the cat's meow! Easy to install and it proves itself right away as you have to put in the mainspring as the next step. Thank you

319.   Sep 12, 2022

Brian M,

Just wanted to let you know I received your little device and was able to install it in short order.  Another happy customer.


318.   Sep 6, 2022

Jeff G,

Received part a little trouble getting slide back in, my fault. It works great thanks this pistol was driving me batshit crazy. God Bless, Jeff


317.   Sep 3, 2022   

Mark R,

Thanks!! Great part for an old problem.i guess you didn't make a million on it.if u didn't you deserve too


316.   Sep 2, 2022

Jerry W,

I have a mark 1 and the mod went in smoothly. I did check the clearance and it was .031. However I had fits putting the gun back together so I call support. Learn a ton about all the things that can give you trouble. What a pleasure it was working with someone so knowledgeable.


315.   Aug 17, 2022


Thank you for creating such useful modification to a legendary piece. 

Thanks also for the connection to other quality options. I bought a volqurtsen barrel years ago for my 10/22 it cost more than the gun. I'm here to tell ya it's WORTH more than the gun. It made my gun a mini sniper rifle. Ha Ha


314. Aug 8, 2022

Raymond S,

I've been struggling putting my pistol together for yeas. Stumbled on this sight and couldn't believe something so simple could solve this problem. Thank You! Also I could have purchased this on eBay for a few pennies cheepr, but I want to support us veterans. Thank you again.

313.   Aug 4, 2022

Mike M,

ordered 7/26 recd 8/4 installed in under 5 minutes Function tested Easy peasy

312.   July 30, 2022

Jose "Joe" S,

Your product works great on my old Ruger. It did take some filing due to the pin not lining up. Thank you it works great. Best, Jose "Joe" 

Note from HSS Corp: 1965-1969 MK 1 pistols may need a little filing on the slot in the HSS product, but not on your pistol. Be sure to put a little primer paint on the HSS where the corrosion protection coating was filed off.


311.   June 1, 2022

James A,

Recently purchased hammer strut. Installed and it does make a difference. Was getting plenty of experience in disassembly but not working. Now it WORKS. Thanks for making a great product.

310.   April 12, 2022 

Paul G,

No special tools. Just a screw driver to remove the grips, a paper clip, and tweezers. Took longer to review the installation instructions than to actually install the strut support. Works great in my MK II. Ordered a second strut support for a friend with a MK III.


309 April 7, 2022

Eliseo R,

Just bought me a mark series tapered barrel and saw this video and thought I would purchase one to prevent problems.


308.   April 7, 2022

Ken B,

I found the HSS about 4 years ago. I installed them in my MK2 10" and my MK3 Competition model. I have since installed them on every Mark model I have worked on. I've been shooting MK I's since 1977 and yes I learned how to put them back together many years ago. HOWEVER, If I can make my life and someone else's better by installing one little part ONE time then it will happen. I keep a few in my Gunsmith box and will continue to do so. I love this item and wish more people knew about it. If I see anybody complain about assembly issues on the MK 1,2 or 3 they are going to hear about the HSS!

307.  Mar 31, 2022

Tom F,

The Hammer Strut Support is a must product for anyone who owns the early models of the Ruger MK pistols. After watching the online installation video, it only took me a few minutes to install the HSS and reassemble my MK II Target pistol. The online instruction video provides clear and concise installation instructions. The HSS product is definitely worth the money. I ordered by phone and received the HSS within a few days in the mail. Thanks, Tom, for developing a solution that will once and for all, eliminate the frustration of reassembling my Ruger MK II Target pistol.


306.   Mar 29, 2022

Douglas H,

Just installed the strut support and it was pretty easy. Got thru it all on 1st attempt. Most important thing is to read the instructions probably 3 times and then take your time as you go thru the steps. Great product.

305. Mar 13, 2022

Michael R,

 Installed this clever little piece of kit into my Ruger MkII in under 10 minutes. It was actually a joy to reassemble the pistol. Brilliant solution!


304.   Feb 7, 2011


Thank you. I received it today and slapped it right in. Great product. Will send a friend your way who has the same gun. 


303.   Jan 12, 2022

Bob H,

I received my strut supports yesterday and installed all 6 with no problems. Coming from a Ruger Mark fan these are great, just wish I would of found out of these years ago.  Thanks.

302.   Jan 2, 2022

Jon R,

Hello. Installed the HSS yesterday on a 1978 Mk I, that I bought new in 1979. I had to buy the file set you recommended from Lowe's to file down the HSS to get the "pin" to seat in the the opposite hole. With your instructions, (video and written) I figured it out and got it done. So, with a little "adaptation", your HSS works on a 1978 Mk I.


301.   Dec 29, 2021   

Customer via

Super friendly, old time customer service. Something you don't see too often anymore.


300.   Dec 19, 2021

Gordon S,

The HSS installation was quick and easy once I watched the video. The written instructions that come with the HSS are ok, but the video does a better job of showing the orientation. The HSS is well made (but don't be surprised by how small it is) and fits very well. If you have a Mark I, 2, or 3, I highly recommend adding the HSS. It's well worth the money and i'm surprised that Ruger never thought of this.

299.   Dec 18, 2021

Paul F,

I finally put your apparatus in my Ruger Mark II and that was the best $20 I ever spent.  I put the gun back together with no problem for the first time ever, so thank you. The best $20 bucks I ever spent. I just wanted to tell you you're doing things right down there, so have a good day and thanks a lot!


298.   Dec 11, 2021

Jim C,

The part went in without any issues and exactly according to the detailed directions! Thank you for a quality part!!  Fit was perfect.


297   Dec 9, 2021  

Doug D,

Tom was very helpful and very informative in ordering this product. It was a pleasure speaking to another veteran like myself. Happy Holidays to Tom and his family.

296.   Dec 3, 2021

Donald J,

Support came today, I installed it in an early Standard (was my fathers). Had to hammer out the pin but everything went easy and assembled right the first time.  Thank you.


295.   Nov 4, 2021

James P,

I look forward to receiving the Hammer Strut Support. Thank you so much for walking me through the removal of the stuck mainspring housing. All is well that ends well. Will replace the broken hammer assembly arm and install the HSS.

294.   Oct 29, 2021

Thanks for you help today, all good with my Mark II. I have a match tomorrow and made several copies of your business card, for other Mark II and III owners. Thanks again, Joan


293.   Oct 27, 2021

Raymond B,

An easy upgrade to fix a complicated issue. Thanks for A great well made inexpensive American made product.


292.   Oct 25, 2021   

Charles G,

This is the BEST $20 I have ever spent. Your fixture went in effortlessly. The Ruger went together without any swearing, sweat or cursing. I only wish I had the fixture years ago. Thank you very much. Chuck


291. Oct  9, 2021

Jerry C,

Very easy to install and makes the take down and re-assembly of the pistol very straightforward. I was forever having to re-do my assembly of my Mk III- not anymore! A clever idea and well done- thank you.

290.   Sep 27, 2021


Best 20$ I've ever spent. Works perfect. Genius idea. Also discovered another problem. Barrel should stick out back about 1/8 inch from frame. Then plunger pushes up through bolt with firm pressure like it should. Thanks Tom. You solved 2 problems on my mkii !

289.  Aug 30, 2021

Ed B,

Arrived today and installed.  Works as advertised.

Thank you for doing all you said you would do.  Refreshing in this day and age.

288.   Aug 7, 2021

Mark B,

This product was right on the MARK ! The Ruger MARK II that is . I literally installed it in less than 2 minutes , and I am no genius . I then did a couple of break downs and reassembles . Each time it took me just a couple minutes . The first time I broke this gun down prior to installing the hammer strut support took me two hours before I could get it back together right . The gun was almost taken to a gunsmith in a shoe box for reassembly. Whoever thought this product up was a genius . Well worth the money to avoid the frustration of trying to get that hammer strut in the right position.  THANK YOU !

287.   Aug 7, 2021

Steven D,

Enter your Review:: Great product, easy installation in Ruger Mk2 Government target pistol. Read the instructions & watch the video Prevents reassembly FRUSTRATION !

286.   Aug 6, 2021

Carl B,

Do what I can to spread the word. In some respects it seems like a well kept secret. Buying the second one as a gift. A good friend refused to believe there was such a device. Saw mine & was duly impressed. Thanks much.   


285.   Aug 6, 2021


The only thing I am kicking myself in the butt for, is that I didn't purchase your struts years ago for my MK II's. I like the MK II with the bull barrels and buy one when the owners give up because of the hassle to keep them clean.  Installed the last 3 hammer strut supports WITHOUT even removing the mainspring housing, it was a snap.


284.   Aug 4, 2021


Ordered a couple of the supports, arrived in 3 days. Took longer to remove and reinstall the grips then to install the support. It is easy to install and will make cleaning a snap.


283.  June 14, 2021

Joe R,

Your hammer strut arrived today & in less than two minutes, I had it installed ... it’s a real game changer, making reassembly of the Mk II a real breeze. Thanks for a great product!


282. June 14, 2021

Terry C,

 I ordered the HSS by telephone and it arrived promptly. The directions that were included were easy to follow, and I installed the strut support in in my Ruger Mark II in just a couple of minutes. Be sure to follow the reassembly instructions that are also included; they are much easier to understand than the instructions in the Ruger Mark II manual. A great fix for an annoying problem.

281.   June 7, 2021.   

Tom F,

Great solution to an old problem! I have 2 Ruger .22 pistols. One is a 1992 model and the HSS dropped right in as shown in the installation video without issue. The second one is a 1967 model and I could not get the HSS installed. A quick phone call with Tom explained my problem. He promptly sent me a special .020 HSS without any cost to me. Once received the new HSS dropped right in and my problem was solved. Thanks to Tom for a great product and spectacular customer service!


280.   May 18, 2021


Let me start my review by saying how refreshing it is to call a company to place an order and talk to a live person. Someone that actually knows about the product he is selling. Tom is that person, I had fitment concerns because I own one of the MK I 1970-1975 models. Tom ask me to take a measurement of the space under the cross- pin and proceeded to tell me he had two supports and one should fit my MK I. Tom sent both parts and ask that I send the one not needed back to him. By the way he only charged me for one, trusting that I would do the right thing. I installed the strut with ease. I highly recommend HHS and Tom's excellent product. Les


279.   May 3, 2021


HSS is an easy and awesome modification.  

Watch the video, super easy to install into my MK III Hunter,

wish I had found this device years ago. Makes reassembly soooo easy. Highly recommend.


278.   April 19, 2021 


After watching the installation video on line a couple of times, I installed the Strut Support in less than 3 minutes. Works great. THANKS!


277.   April 17, 2021

Tom H,

Thanks, they dropped right in without a hitch. Tom


276.   Mar 31, 2021

Georgia Redneck,

I ordered two of the Hammer struts Supports for a Mark I and a Mark II. Had a problem installing due to the pin not going into the standard Hammer Strut Support slot. Called and talked to Tom and he mailed me a support .020 and it fit perfectly. He talked me thru a problem or two and was great in regards to knowledge and customer service skills. Thank you so much for you help with this. I give him 10 stars!!!!!!


275.   Mar 28, 2021

Wes R,

Thanks to the awesome instructional video I had it installed in my MK III in no time. Now it’s time to go shooting :) Thanks for an AMAZING product!

274.   Mar 21, 2021

William P,

Received Hammer strut supports, followed the instructions and everything is great. Excellent product


273.   Mar 9, 2021

Mark A,

1975 Mk1 with 0.030 clearance. Custom strut support rcvd in a week. Wow! Took me about a minute to install after the grips were off. Didn't need the video. The instructions with pictures were easy to follow. Works perfectly; takes a minute or 2 to reassemble!

Note from HSS Corp: if you have a 1970-1975 Mk 1, call us for special fitting.


272.   Mar 7, 2021

Robert F,

The installation video was perfect. Great job! So happy to support a small US business for my Mark III upgrade too. I really appreciated being able to speak on the phone too. Thanks so much!


271.   Mar 5 2021

Bob D,

I received both of the HSS's I ordered and wanted to thank you. First, for a fine product, second for the quick shipping and third for just about the best instruction sheet and video I've ever had the pleasure to use. Truth be told, I could NOT assemble mine as effortlessly as you did yours, but with your troubleshooting tips I was able to persevere. My bolt wouldn't pull back and (no surprise to you) the troubleshooting guide had me back on track in no time at all. Thanks again, Bob


270.   Feb 25, 2021

Gary B,

Tom, thank you for your quick reply. My apology for not doing the same. Problem was hammer not in fired/fully forward position. Everything kosher now. My Mark III is a sweet and very accurate pistol. My wife enjoys firing it as much as I do. It is much easier to disassemble/assemble than the Mark I that I owned several years ago. Thanks again for the counsel and for an ingenious simple fix for a major problem


269.   Feb 24, 2021

Rob A,

Just installed the Hammer Strut Support (bought it through Amazon) on my Ruger Mk. II Target. Very easy to install, works perfectly. Thanks!


268.   Feb 23, 2021


Best $20 I've spent to permanently solve hours and hours of frustration with 1954 MK I. Simple, less than 5 min install. Will definitely pass the word on a great product!


267.   Feb 17, 2021 

Frank D,

I have a Ruger Mark III I did the HSS upgrade. His video and info helped a great deal. Thank you


266.   Feb 12, 2021

Amos E,

I just received my two Hammer Strut Supports and am so happy I bought them. The install was very easy and only took a few minutes. The second one installed was easier than the first. This will make cleaning these two Ruger MK II & MK III hunter an easy task where as before I would dread taking them apart to give them a complete cleaning. Now it will be a breeze. Also the turn around time to get these was only a day or two. Glad I pulled the trigger to get them. I totally recommend buying this product made by a Veteran.


265.   Feb 4, 2021

Joe P,

Just completed the install of your hammer strut support. Took all of 5 minutes, super easy and it resolves the problem with my Ruger Mark2. Thanks so much. Great product, great price and your install video was very helplful. Joe P


264.   Feb 1, 2021


I got one of your hammer struts in September to put in an old MK.  I use the pistol frequently as a backup for clients when I conduct training. As a result the pistol is cleaned often. Thanks for making a pita job easy. Great idea and great part!
Stay Safe


263.   Jan 31, 2021

Joe P,

Got the HSS yesterday and had it installed in about 10 minutes. Great product and an easy fix. Thanks so much


263.   Jan 25, 2021

Mike P,

The video was well done. very simple install. Sure is nice to be able to reassemble for regular maintenance with out the Ruger wrestling match.  Great fix.


262.   Jan 5, 2021

Albert J,

Works great and easy to install. Thanks for saving me a lot of trouble when I cleaned my pistol. Always had trouble reassembling it, until now.


261.    Dec 23, 2020


Needed to slightly "thin" right side of pin, because it would not otherwise re-insert into frame. Used a Dremmel tool and presto...job complete. I field stripped my 1969 MKi and had it back together in less than 1 minute !!! Make sure to follow the video. HSS is a game changer for me. Ruger 22 MKi ownership just got much easier and enjoyable.


261.   Dec 19, 2020

Daniel B,

Just some feedback...received HHS for 1969 MK I..was able to get pin out with gentle persuasion from a punch. Only problem I ran into was getting pin back into right side of frame. I believe there was a "burr" that was present on the pin. Took it down gently with a dremmel bit. Eventually eased back into pin hole on right side of frame. Hopefully makes future breakdown/reassembly a snap. Great video and written instructions. Thanks again


260.   Dec 11, 2020

Bob H,

Wow that sure make it SO much easier to disassemble my MKII! Great video too.


259,   Dec 10, 2020


Great little addition to my Mk3 pistol. Very easy to install!!!


258. Dec 10, 2020

Jim F,

My hammer strut support arrived today. I immediately went down to my 'reloading room' and with the supplied instructions, I had the hammer strut installed in about 10 min. And sure enough, the assembly of my AMT Lightning went very smoothly. Many thanks HHS. Regards, Jim


257.   Nov 28, 2020  

Jim R,

Received my Hammer Strut Support for my Ruger MK II 6 7/8 Slab Side Target today. I watched the installation video and installed it in about 3 minutes. I disassembled and reassembled the pistol a few times with the newly installed hammer strut support and it was effortless, unlike before. Test fired the pistol and it performed flawlessly. Just wish I would have discovered this fix 15 yeas ago when I bought this pistol. It's the best $20 I ever spent. Thanks!


256.   Nov 24, 2020

Walt W,

I had given up field stripping my MKII on a routine basis decades ago because it was such a pain to reassemble. 5 or 10 minutes of effort to install this little dude and I'm back to caring for the pistol as I should. THANKS!!

255.   Nov 23, 2020

Patrick O,

So simple, installed in seconds. I disassembled my Ruger a second time, just to verify I did it correct the first time. Thank You


254.   Nov 20, 2020

Al W,

You warned me that the earlier Mark 1s might have problems since the machining was not exact across the board and that's exactly what I encountered. COULD NOT GET IT TO GO IN THERE! Finally after grinding down the channel and grinding off the backside to make the support thinner, I hit on trying to see if the opposing holes were level and in that process I used a long nail and discovered to my delight, that if I cut that nail, I could use it in that channel and I could insert the support by that means. Success! Mine is an early 1965 Mark 1 but it now has a modified Hammer Strut Support and if I can figure out how to reassemble the rest of the pistol, I ought to have fixed at least that problem. My pistol just didn't have enough height between the floor and the holes for it too be inserted with the provided crossbar. So, this is a great remedy and I'm sure the more modern models are machined more carefully. Your solution is genius and Ruger is to be ashamed that, knowing of this problem for years, they never fixed it themselves. Thanks for your Strut Support.


253.   Nov 19, 2020

Steve N,

Received my Hammer Strut Support for Ruger MK II today and after watching Tom's excellent step by step video I installed it in about 3 minutes. Works like a charm, reassembly takes about 2 minutes instead of 30 to 40 minutes without the strut support (Genius). I can now enjoy my old friend, shoot again and not dread having to take it apart to clean and the chore of reassembly.   Thank you Tom


252.   Nov 18, 2020

Steve N,

Great Video, can't wait to receive my part so I can start enjoying my Ruger Mark II again.... Thanks you Tom........God Bless you and yours. Steve

251.   Nov 17, 2020


Tom, thanks for your help with the Ruger Mark II .22 HSS Hammer Strut installation yesterday. I appreciate the second try. After finishing the installation on my first MK II, I installed another HSS Strut Shim on my second MK II Ruger. I will order another Strut support for my third Ruger MK II. God Bless, Bill


250. Nov 6, 2020

Keith B,

I've been thinking about getting one of these for a while but never pulled the trigger (pun). But after struggling to put my mkIII everytime I clean it, I decided to order one. The installation was simple and quick. I don't know what I waited for. I am very impressed.


249.   Oct 21, 2020

Gary L,

Bought and received the cure to my Mark 2, 22 and now I smile! I have found putting the Mark Two back together after so frustrating that I shot it very little. It took all of a few minutes to install the hammer strut support with out having to make any kind of modifications. Was able to do something for the first time I have not been able to do before. Reassemble the gun in less time than ever. Maybe just over a minute? Don’t even hesitate about getting the Hammer Strut Support if it works for your model of Ruger. Just be sure to follow all instructions!

248.   Oct 16, 2020

Fred L,

I found this ad on Facebook and after going to your site I wasn't sure if this would fit my 1966 Mark 1. I sent you an email with my serial number. You responded it would fit and it did, perfectly. I still have an issue with getting the main spring housing through the barrel as the rear site covers this pin opening. I followed down on your instruction page and found your link to the eabco company and a new improved recoil rod. That is exactly my problem and so I have the new recoil rod on order and will receive it in a few days. I expect this will further solve my issues with reassembly of my pistol after cleaning. Thank you for a great little product and the extra information on the recoil spring.

247. Oct 14, 2020

Paul S,

Great product! Instructions were correct in that I did need a punch and small hammer to move the pin in my early '80s Clark Custom MK II Ruger. But the one in a much newer Government Model almost fell out with just a touch. Easy install, works great and low cost... I couldn't ask for more.

246.   Oct 7, 2020

Mike B,

Received and ready to put it in. Thank you for your quick service!!

245. Oct 4, 2020

Bill F,

The parts arrived yesterday, the 3rd.  Installation was easy.


244.   Sep 28, 2020

Ken K,

I received the support on Saturday. Installed it this morning. It was a .031 clearance.. Perfect fit for my 1972 made Mark1. Very easy installation as per your good instructions.. Thanks for the fast shipping. It is a great product. Thanks, Ken

NOTE FROM HSS CORP: The HSS normally needs about .035 inch clearance under the cross-pin.  We have a few HSS items with deeper cut slots, that may fit some MK I models from 1970-1975. Call for more info on special fitting of  these. Tom @ 256-527-3527

243.   Sep 28, 2020

Gary D,

Received today and installed. I am very impressed. Works well. Easy to reassemble now.


242.   Sep 25, 2020

Michael G,

Installed with a bit of trouble (my fault) and now my Mk II reassembles no issues!

241.   Sep 14, 2020

Mark A,

Received my HSS in three days and installed it in 5 minutes. This was a MK I with a S/N 11-75xxx which was made in 73 to 74 range, had no problem installing. I had exactly 0.036” under the cross pin. Would recommend this for your Ruger 22 it made it a lot easier to reassemble.


240.   Sep 5, 2020

Rob W,

I just received and installed the Hammer Strut Support.

The product is as great as the service.

Thank you so very much.

239.   Aug 28, 2020

Al W,

The video is good, but way too dark. The individual photos are bright and clear but I got no help from viewing the dark video. Looking forward to receipt and installation. Why didn't Ruger do this back in '66? Glad you've made this known.


238.   Aug 15,  2020

Steve Z,

I want to thank you again; this is ingenious. People I show it to are amazed. I disassemble my gun now just for fun.

237.   Aug 13, 2020

James H,

Very easy to install and a very good install video! I would buy this product again if I buy another Mark series Ruger.


236.   Aug 13, 2020

Catherine H,

I am not experienced with handgun modifications or disassembly at all. My brand new ruger mk 3 was collecting dust and needed to be cleaned and oiled, but I dread the process and everyone on this site understands why. I found out about hammer strut support on a youtube video about cleaning and disassembling the mk 3. I instantly purchased one, and a few days later it came in the mail. The process to install it was a complete breeze, although I did have youtube for help. First attempt, less than 30 seconds and it was in correctly. The nightmare of the mk 3 reassembly is finally over! Thank you! If you are on the fence about this product, just get it, you will be so glad you did. It really is easy to install, and a genius invention.

235.   Aug 4, 2020

Tom O,

I received your Hammer Strut Support yesterday. I installed it today, Aug 4, 2020. I followed your installation instructions and the install was a breeze. Reassembly of the pistol was, for the first since I owned the thing which is over thirty years, was also a breeze. It is certainly nice to get something that works as advertised. Thanks for the quick service and a superior product.


234   Aug 4, 2020

Steve K,

I ran across your ad in the latest issue of the American Rifleman, and being the owner of a 1992 MK II that has always been a blister to reassemble after cleaning, I decide to order one of your supports. All I can is WOW! It has never been this easy to reassemble my pistol. Installation was as easy as described and it was well worth the price.


233.   July 28, 2020  

John E,

Received and install the hammer strut, works perfect, thank you.

Wish I had this years ago. Thanks, John


232.   July 27, 2020

Paul R,

I bought and installed a hammer strut support several years ago on my MKlll target. Great product, works as advertised. It’s definitely the path of least resistance when it comes to reassembling the pistol. I Just bought 3 more, one for a gifted MKll and 2 for friends of mine who didn’t know they need the product. 5 stars.   


231.   July 18, 2020

Michael L,



230.   July 13, 2020

Robert P, 

I received my order within a couple of days of contacting the company. My MK 1 was in the serial number of those that might need a little work to get the Support to property work. It did require a little filing in the butt as the unit was a shade too long for the Hammer Strut to close. Since we did that, it is now working perfectly and I will be ordering another one.


229.   July 10, 2020

Michael K,

I saw on the compatibility tab of Tom’s website that I would probably have to modify the Hammer Strut Support (HSS) slot so that this part would fit in my 1970-vintage Ruger pistol. For me, the HSS slot needed to be deepened to .029 inches to get the clearance space under the cross-pin required to install the HSS. I used the inexpensive small round file that fits the HSS slot (which Tom recommended from Lowe's) and the work took less than 5 minutes and it worked perfectly. Great invention and I appreciate Tom’s ingenuity in coming up with this.


228.   July 1, 2020

Richard W,

I have owned my Ruger Mark I since the late 1960s. It has been a wonderful pistol. However, the reassembly has been a hassle from the beginning. Sometimes it would go back together like bingo/bango. Other times it would be a nightmare that would last for hours. Sometimes I would have to come back to it the next day. I saw this small advertisement in the back of the American Riflemen and called Tom the owner and talked to him about my problems and his solution. Because of when the pistol was manufactured he described the problem I would have during the installation of the hammer strut support. Following his advice, I made the modification to the hammer strut support. Overall the installation was fun and relative easy. Put on your patience hat and enjoy working on your pistol if you have to doing any filing to make a part fit correctly in your pistol. During the reassembly the pistol went together bingo/bango just like it was suppose to go together. No matter how much you know about your Ruger pistol, read his instruction sheet and watch his video about the installation. What really made a difference was when I called Tom was his time and diligence about the subject but his patience with me. Yes, I would recommend this product and would purchase it again.

227.   May 22, 2020  

James S,

Installation took maybe 10 minutes. Haven't gotten into this Ruger for a while. Then I got ahead of you and forgot to tip the gun upward to install the locking lever. Once I figured that out, I watched the rest of your reassembly, and confirmed what I forgot. Thanks for the support. I'm very pleased.


226.   May 16, 2020

Michael S,

I installed the device in a matter of minutes on my Volquartsen Scorpion. works great thank you so much. I can now take my pistol apart with ease.


225.   May 10, 2020

Thomas D,



224.   April 28, 2020

William S,

 I received and installed two HSS's today in two early '60's vintage MK 1's. Easy as pie. Had them both installed in 10 minutes. And absolutely no problem reassembling the handguns. They worked as advertized.


223.   April 27, 2020

Leavy C,

hss design is a bit of design genius. i think you have a few more gun part designs to help those of us who are at the mercy of gun designers who want to design a gun their way instead of the right way. keep on plugging and designing.


222.   April 21, 

Bill H,

Received my HSS today and installed it in my vintage T-Mark I (1978) and worked perfect. Thanks, Bill


221.   April 18, 2020

Keith R,

Just installed a hammer strut support to ruger standard #13-492xx (1976 model) purchased in 1977. The slot did need to be deep end, but worked well. Thank you


220.   April 16, 2020

John E,

Hi Thomas, I received the strut today, it took about 5 minutes to install and worked just great.

219.   April 8, 2020 

Peter S,

You Sir, are a genius!!! I love shooting my MkII, but absolutely hated disassembly for cleaning. Yes, there are tips and techniques for reassembly and they do help, but using your HSS makes this brain dead easy.


218.   April 4, 2020

Jon W,

Your installation video was spot on. The detail with simplicity made my installation "easy peasy!" Was considering purchase of a Mark 1V to eliminate the re-assembly hassle on the Mk 11. Believe I'll keep the Mk11 now! Thanks! Jon


217.   Mar 30, 2020

Dave M,

 I ordered the Hammer strut support for my Ruger Mark II, stainless, target and got it a year ago. I waited until the Ruger factor in Prescott had a chance to fix Fail To Feed and just got the piece back today. I installed the HSS but had to re read the instruction manual to get it back together. The HSS does eliminate the hazard of a stuck hammer strut however. I'm 76 years old and likely will gift this Mark II to my grandson who is now only 12, might have to wait a bit. Take care, stay well. Dave (lifetime NRA)


216.   Mar 29, 2020

James P,

I haven’t shot my KMKIII for years as I couldn’t handle the stress of putting the darn thing back together after cleaning. I got the strut support installed today. Had to clean up my dried blood from under the hand grips from the last time I reassembled the thing. Wow! What a difference the support makes. I’m ready to go to the range! Thank God for American ingenuity. Hope all is well for you and your family in these troubling times. Thanks again.


215.   Mar 25, 2020

Dennis W,

This is what made the difference. I sent a question to Tom and instead of sending me to a FAQ page, he called me and coached thru the procedure. The HSS solved the most vexing problem with my firearm. Thanks Tom.


214.   Mar 19, 2020

Paul D.

Easy to install and works as advertised. Years of agony reassembling my Ruger target pistol are gone. In reassembling the pistol you must let the hammer strut swing back so a "springiness" in the assembly handle is evident when rotating the handle. You then know that all is aligned and ready to be locked down. As an engineer I laud you for coming up with such an ingenious device.


213.   Feb 26, 2020

Gov Mark II Target Model,

The HSS part is really helpful. Had some difficulty with reassembly but should have read the trouble shooting info. included with the part. Called the owner at night and was delighted to speak with him for 20 minutes. Solved my problem and even stayed with me to disassemble and reassemble a second time. Thanks for a great product and great customer service!!!   

212.   Feb 25, 2020

William R,

It is the easiest thing to install. It only took 2.5 minutes and when I was done I clean the gun and it only took 4 minutes to put it back together.


211.   Feb 24, 2020

Gordon H,

Install a success Ruger Mk1 pistol was in the 55xxx range.


210.   Feb 14, 2020


Great product! I met Tom a number of years ago at the Pensacola Gun Show, and bought a strut. It took me years to install it, as I rarely shot my Mark I. Wow! All those years wasted fighting with my Ruger. Get one as a gift for all your Ruger friends. Real endorsement, not affiliated in any way. Retired Federal LEO, shooting for the last 40 years. Too bad Ruger hasn't picked this up.


209.   Feb 12, 2020

David H,

I've had a Mk III for several years and have not really had a problem with reassembly. I've seen the HSS in American Rifleman for some time and thought it was something I might be interested in since I've had an issue from time to time with the hammer strut getting caught behind the pin in question. Ordered one and it showed up in two days. Installation was a breeze and as stated, no more is the hammer strut getting caught. Great product!


208.   Jan 28, 2020

Dennis L,

Just wanted to say so much for coming up with the Hammer Strut Support. I waited until my gun needed to cleaned before installing the support so I did not break it down just to install the support. It took me less than two minutes to install the Hammer Strut Support. After cleaning the gun I did not have to stand on my head to reassembly it. THANKS!


207.   Jan 27, 2020

Glen T,

Got my HSS and promptly tried to install it after viewing several videos on YouTube. Had a problem right at the end of re-installing the hammer strut and couldn't get the little lever to go back down properly. I sent an email to HSS and Tom called me a couple of hours later and walked me through trouble-shooting my problem. I wasn't letting the little strut to hang down freely when rotating the assembly back into the grip. Finally got it to fit back together with Tom's patient help. As Tony the Tigers says, "GREEAAAT" customer service! Thank you Tom for helping me out and having a great little product, I highly recommend the product and Tom!


206.   Jan 25, 2020

Don M,

Thank you for the Support. Installation went exactly as you illustrated in the video, with one exception. The Ruger manuals do not instruct you to hold the trigger while performing the last operation of installing the mainspring housing assembly. For new owners, and others, you might want to spell that out in the video. Your hand covers the operation and does not voice this necessary part of the operation, at least for my Mark 1, dated 1964. Just an FYI. Don

Note from HSS Corp: It is not absolutely necessary to continue to hold the trigger, but it is much simpler to explain and it will always work.  On some models, such as the government models, as some other "well used" models, the trigger/hammer is so smooth (very nice) that the hammer will rotate back to the "cocked position" on it's own when the barrel is rotated upwards.  If this happens, it is much simpler to just push the hammer forward again, rather than remembering to pull the trigger again before pushing the hammer forward to the required "cocked" position.  Hopefully, your comment here will help others.  Remaking the video would be very difficult, at least for now.  Thank you, I very much appreciate your review and comment. --Tom-HSS Corp

205.   Jan 15, 2020   

Ron P,

Absolutely brilliant solution! 100% recommended.


204.   Jan 7, 2020

Frank F,

Just a note to say the installation of your product in my Ruger went just fine.  I've included photos of my Ruger to place in your database to possibly help other potential customers with older units like mine.  There are no "Mark" # stampings anywhere on this unit. 

As your instructions suggested I did need to use a punch with slight tapping to start the lower cross pin moving.  Once the HSS was installed the pin then when back into position using only finger pressure.  I purchased this Ruger many years ago from a neighbor who had had it for many years as well.  Quite possibly he was the original purchaser.

Thank you for making my life easier from this day forward.


203.   Jan 2, 2020

Terry S,

Ordered the HSS late Monday night (30th). Even with holiday the support arrived today (2nd). Just installed in my MK I serial number 16-32XXX (1977) and it fit perfectly. Very easy to install as advertised. Thanks so much for a long needed item.


202.   Dec 31, 2019 

Tommie C,

Saw their add in NRA's Rifleman. I have two; 1971 and 1978. Ordered one for the 1978. Received it today and about 10 minutes later it was in. Works great. Am very satisfied and will order one that I think I can slightly modify to work in the 1971. Thank you very much.  Your product does all you claim.


201.   Dec 21, 2019

David G,

Two supports arrived today, super fast shipping! Took about 2 minutes per pistol to install in my MKII's and greatly improved reassembly of them after tear down for cleaning. Thank you for a superior product!

200,   Dec 17, 2019

John H,

To add to your compatibility database: I installed the HSS in a Mark 1, serial # 14-067XX. from approx 1977. All the mechanicals function correctly. It's a new-in-the-box so I haven't tried firing it. I'm looking forward to installing the HSS on my grandson's Mark II. That one I'll be able to fire after the install. thanks for a great product and rapid delivery after my order. Wishing you mild weather.


199.   Nov 23, 2019

Adrian P,

I have an older Mark I so I was concerned about whether this would fit. It arrived an hour ago and now I want to go shooting. The install instructions on this site were very clear and worked just fine. It was easy to install, and now it is easier to reassemble the pistol. I'm glad I bought it.

198.   Nov 17, 2019

Richard R,

Absolutely ingenious! As a 50+ year auto mechanic & aerospace machinist, I felt like an idiot the first time re-assembling my MKII pistol. After a 5 minute install I can now do it in seconds! Bravo on a simple fix that should been there from the 'git-go.   


197.   Nov 16, 2019   

Michael G,

MAN! How simple was this!!!! Headache gone, wish I found this sooner, 2 minute install. I will be recommending this to all my buddies that haven't traded theirs in for a Mark IV!


196. Nov 11, 2019 

John B,

The strut support was everything as advertised. The video was very helpful. Installation went as shown. Thank you for the paper helpful info. Thanks Tom


195.   Nov 10 2019

Rob D,

I just installed the support.  Very straightforward due in large part to your clear instructions.  Thank you very much! 


194.   Nov 10, 2019

Jerry A,

I have three Mark III pistols. I installed the HSS in all three in less than 25 minutes. Very simple install and fit perfect. They will be much easier to reassemble from now on. Highly recommend . Thanks for a great product.


193.   Nov 9, 2019

Pat A,

I've had my MKII for nearly 30 years. Always dreaded cleaning. More than once I got it stuck while trying to re-assemble. Installed the HSS in less than 5 minutes, and locked it back together with nearly one smooth motion. Cleaning will be a breeze from now on. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


192.   Nov 8, 2019

Michel O,

Always loved my 2 Ruger MKII pistols but truly dreaded the cleaning needed after a shooting session. For the last 20 years they sat in the safe a lot due to the reassembly problem, sometimes it would go ok and sometimes made you just put it away in pieces till the next day. Well, after 10 minutes both are now equipped with the hammer strut support and now go back together right every time. Was so pleased I took them apart 3 or 4 times just to enjoy the ease of reassembly that first evening. Thanks HSS guys !!!


191.   Oct 27, 2019

Howard H,

I always had trouble with reassembly of my mark III because of the hammer strut. I saw a more expensive install parts fix at gun range, decided to research fixes. I came across Hammer strut support HSS corp. on internet & it was less than half the price of the others. I decided to try it. Watched the video & it was easy to install & it worked great. I highly recommend this inexpensive fix. Thanks HSS Corp.

190.   Oct 16, 2019

Dan C,

Never really had a lot of trouble with my Mark II but there was always "that day" when it took three or four tries to get it right. Now, first time, every time!

189.  Oct 8, 2019

Roger F,

I've owned my Mk1 since 1974, and it shoots as well today as when new. The only thing keeping me from firing it more often than I did was the thought of having to reassemble it when the cleaning was completed. I no longer think about putting it back together because by adding a small metal plate, a HSS, cleaning and reassembly is as enjoyable as it is for any other firearms. Thank you.


188.   Sep 18, 2019   

Jim Y,

What a breath of fresh air. Finally, someone did something Ruger should have done years ago! I'm not too bad when it comes to assembly of firearms but this Ruger MkII was a real generator of curse words. My hat is off to you guys....."outstanding and well done". The video was a real help as well. 


187.   Sep 18, 2019   

Dave C,

Absolutely the best thing for my MK II. I always dreaded taking the pistol apart to thoroughly clean it, now it is a breeze. I installed in lest than five minutes. Great product everything fit perfectly.

186.   Sep 5, 2019

Ralph S (MD),

Thank you for resurrecting my Volquartsen V-6 Custom!

Message:  Saw your ad in American Handgunner MAR/APR 2018, which I purchased just 3 days ago (SEP 2019). You've saved my Volquartsen V-6 Custom (Ruger Mark II), which I purchased NEW in the 1980s. Only shot it twice, since it took me HOURS to re-assemble (& I never had a clue what I finally did correctly)! I've not even LOOKED at this pistol for the past twelve years! Your video was superb. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I wish I had seen this DECADES ago!


185.   Sep 2, 2019

Norman P,

Tom, you are a great engineer. If I worked at Ruger I would be embarrassed to tell anyone that owned a Mark .22 pistol. I am certain that the Ruger Company must have received thousands of complaints since 1949 about the reassembly. There must be many, many of these pistols that have not been fired in decades because the owner did not want the hassle of reassembling the thing after cleaning.Thank you, Norman P


184.   Aug 30, 2019

Ivan K,

Great innovation. Installation video was spot on. The hardest part of installation was removing the grip panels without stripping the screw heads. I installed this in my MK III in 10 minutes total. I had given my grandsons my two other Ruger 22's. (MK II's) and will make sure they put this in their pistols. Thanks so much for this device!


183.   Aug 26, 2019

William R,

Both HSS arrived today; Installed in minutes, no problems.  Both Rugers (RST-4 and RST-6), function properly.  Great engineering design; wonder why Ruger never thought of this fix.  Thanks much.


182.   Aug 21, 2019

Tony S,

Thank you, Thank you for your product. My Ruger Mark 1, 1984 is one of my favorite pistol, but I wouldn't use it because of the difficulty in the reassembling. Now with the Hammer Strut Support installed the Mark 1 is the first pistol I choose to use.


181.   Aug 19, 2019

L A,

Sir after reading about your Product and owning a few ruger pistols over the years i bought 2 each from you. i am 81 years old and a U. S. M. C . Vietnam veteran. oh almost forgot a retired law enforcement officer. after watching your installation video it took me less than 3 mins. to install. it works great wish i had this thing years ago. again many thanks sir. have a great life!

180.   Aug 2, 2019

Arthur C,

Thank you for a great product. I have just ordered two additional Hammer Strut Supports as my collection of Ruger Mark I’s has grown!


179.   July 12, 2019

John M,

This little fix is what I’ve been waiting for since I got my Mark I in 1964. It took me 10 minutes to install and it works great. I don’t have to dread breaking down my pistol anymore.


178.   July 2, 2019


Mark 1 sn 33174*, fit perfect. Friend told me about it. Great product!


177.   June 24, 2019

Erwin W,

It worked great on my Ruger MkI. Unfortunately this is not the main problem when reassembling the gun only once in a while. If you fire and clean it often it is easy to remember how to do it without a snag. The problem is that the hammer and the strut tend to fall in the same direction due to gravity and you must keep the gun horizontal, push the hammer inside and pull the strut back so it would fall in the cup of the main spring assembly. So the HSS was a solution to a problem I didn't have but it is better to have one installed just in case.

Note from HSS Corp: You must always keep the hammer forward (in "fired" position).  With the new Hammer Strut Support installed, the hammer strut cannot get lodged under the cross-pin.  Therefore, merely rotating the barrel upwards allows gravity to automatically align the hammer strut to "fall in the cup of the main spring assembly".


176.   June 23, 2019

Joe H,

I cannot believe this process was so easy. Just two minutes with a paperclip and the job was done. I am no mechanic by far but I was shocked how easy this was. A great invention. Thanks.


175.   June 22, 2019   


I never had half the problems others have had re-assembling my Mark III, but you MUST follow ALL steps in the correct sequence to achieve success. HOWEVER, if there was ever a hiccup in the procedure, it was getting that darn hammer strut caught under the cross-brace - the HSS eliminates that and is easy to install, thank goodness!


174.   June 18, 2019

Jim G,

I have frustrated for years on the takedown and reassembly procedures. My brother ordered this device and we did the installation this past weekend. Impressed with ease of installation and results. Ordered one today for my vintage Mk2! Thank you ahead of time for a great needed product! Jim


173.   June 16, 2019

Al S,

Easy installation, perfect fit, great product, great idea! Thank you!


172.   June 3, 2019

Dale W,

I received your hammer strut support today, and immediately installed it in my Mark 1 pistol. I had not used this handgun for years on account of the frustration encountered during re-assembly after cleaning. I am tickled silly with your product. Took all the frustration from the job. I give it five stars. Thank you so much.


171.   May 19, 2019

MSgt H,

Simple and excellent mod to the Mark Series pistols. If you are on the fence on this item, go to the "Compatibility" tab and make sure you can use one. Then jump off the fence and click on "To Order" and get as many as you need. You won't be sorry. All the support you need to get your install done is right here on the site. Thanks to the HSS crew!


170.    May 16, 2019 

Marcello V,

A great and needed item !!!  I am purchasing a second one for my other MK.

169.   May 15, 2019   

Charles B,

Just installed in Ruger 12-94750, manufactured in 1975. Required extensive filing of the groove. Works great.


168.   May 13, 2019

George C,

I'm no gunsmith or whiz with tools, so I was very happy when I was able to install this with no fowl language. :) Mark ll Target Government model.

167.   May 11, 2019   

Allen D,

No problems at all.  82 year old arthritic hands completed installation on Ruger Standard (221xxx) and Ruger Mark II (72xxx) without any hitches. No fitting required. Thanks for a great time saver and product.


166.   May 9, 2019

David H,

Just a humerus note: While at the "2019 NRA SHOW", this past April 26-28 in Indianapolis, I thought with all the sales reps. and tech. typs running around in their "RUGER" booth at least one someone would have knowledge of or heard of this frustrating problem and quick fix you have to offer.........! They do so.... want to flaunt everyone who enters with THEIR knowledge of the product. The four I talked with never heard of the "ADD" even though its been in the "MARKETPLACE" section of the shows sponsor "NRA MAGAZINE" several months in a row past. Thought one would have a few in his pocket......Just saying!


165.   May 3, 2019

Brian B,

I purchased 2 of the HSS, one for each of my Ruger MK II Government Target pistols. I must confess, even after reading all the glowing reviews about how quick and easy the installation would be, I waited for several weeks because I was secretly dreading taking the guns apart because I've had a helluva time trying to get them to go back together in the past. Lo and behold, it really WAS quick and easy, just like advertised! The only piece of advice I might provide is that when you get ready to reassemble, with the muzzle pointed down, pull the trigger to get the hammer to fall all the way forward. At least that's what I had to do. You folks have solved the puzzle of putting a MK II back together once and for all. Kudos!!


164.  May 1, 2019

Bill W,

Installed the Hammer Strut Support you sent to me on 4-30-2019. Install went without a hitch. Any future reassembly headaches have been prevented. Thank you very much. Thanks Again; Bill


163.  April 26, 2019

Robert G,

Received the hammer strut today, thank you and installed it in my Mark 2. Not too difficult and yes it works. Please get busy and make one for my 22/45. Thanks.


162.  April 24, 2019

Joseph A,

Nice job.  Received the hammer strut support, and installed in my MKIII. Nice little invention, thank you. Will be putting one in my old MKII for my brother.


161.   April 25, 2019  

Arthur C,

Just wanted you guys to know that BOTH of your recently received Hammer Strut Supports fit perfectly and easily in my pair of Ruger Mark I’s.....I’m sure mostly due to your thorough instructions and illustrations. Luckily, my dates of manufacture were 1969 and 1978, two single year dates that had no previously known difficulties. The hardest part? Removing and replacing the grips! I will definitely pass the info on to others about your great product.


160.   April 13, 2019

Mark C,

I order two of your products and I must say the installation was easier then I could have imagined. I put the spring back on both my Mark III’s on the first try. Very nice....

159.  April 9, 2019

Ivan B,

This product does everything it claims. I sent out my order on a Monday and received my HSS the following Monday and had in my Standard Model in less than 20 minutes. My Standard Model was produced in 1952 and is a cherished family heirloom.


158.   April 8, 2019

Riverside Arms

Great installation video. Took less than 2 minutes to install. Excellent product, have purchased three more!!

157.   April 6, 2019

Donald C,

Greatest thing ever invented for the Ruger pistol. I'm 78 and have two of these pistols. I never had any problems over the years, but my grandsons will soon have these pistols and I don't want them to have troubles. These are sooo easy to install, just a few minutes, and you are done. Then just point it toward the floor, put the plunger thru the hole, tip it up and close the handle. No more jiggling. Really nice piece of steel too. No rough edges, wonderful metal work. Easy to order, and fast delivery. Thank you HSS for filling a need!!


156.  April 6, 2019

Clarence B,

I just installed my strut support and my sincere compliments go out to you for completing Rugers work. Its great to have people like you that see a problem and have the ingenuity to solve it. My Mark III is now a pleasure to own after all the years.


155.  April 6, 2019

Paul E, 

Thank you for having a well thought out website for ordering and also for having the installation instructions nicely and well presented with both written and video instructions. I don't anticipate any problems with installation of the HSS part. I wish all websites were as nicely presented and well thought out as yours.


154.  April 5, 2019 

Van G,

Just received my strut and installed in my Ruger Mark II. Very happy with your product. Makes cleaning enjoyable again. Great tool!


153.  April 5, 2019

Eric S,

Have a Ruger MK III, Very easy to install after watching video, only took a few minutes. It works as intended.


152.  Mar 29, 2019


Great product, installed by myself 5 minutes and work like a charm. Much better than to buy the new model


151.  Mar 27 2019

Keith O,

Works just fine on a 1968 standard ser # 469***. Ordered it from Amazon. Got a squeegee. Bitched a bit. Finally got the right part. I ordered from Amazon because I thought I would have it in two days (instead of five to seven) and they already have my CC info and I don't like giving it out much these days. So..... I'da got the part from the maker for .98c less in the same time frame. If you see a less than stellar review from me on Amazon, It's not about the product.


150.  Mar 26, 2019

Wayne M,

I own 3 Ruger autos and installed the HSS in all 3 in a matter of 10 to 12 minutes, truly a remarkable product and fits great and is everything advertised, THANKS.  


149.  Mar 23, 2019


Great product. I just installed my second one. Works exactly as designed. Certainly makes it easier to re-assemble the pistol.


148.  Mar 22, 2019

Charles W,

I was surprised to receive the block so quickly. I was planning on having a problem installing the part due to the problems I have had with my Mark 1. The process took less than 3 minutes and the gun works like a charm. I purchased this Mark 1 in 1976 and love shooting it but hated cleaning because it was a pain to re-assemble after cleaning. Thank you for designing this simple but effect fix!


147.  Mar 12, 2019


I received and installed your product today. It was quick and easy, as expected. I then ordered another one for my other Mark III. Thanks, and best of luck to you...


146.  Mar 12, 2019

Kevin N,

Subject: AMT Compatibility

Message: Hi - wanted to let you know that the HSS fit my AMT Baby Auto Mag perfectly. Thought you would want to know if other customers had questions about fitment. Mine is an early model made in 1986.


145.  Mar 11, 2019

Kenneth T,

Installed my "Hammer Strut Support" the other day. No problem, took about 15 minutes.


144.  Mar 10, 2019

Dean T,

Easy installation on my Mk II Target. Video was very helpful. Great product. Thank you, sir !


143.  Mar 10, 2019


Enter your Review:: Just installed 2 HSSes in a MK2 and an early frame MK1. Both installed without any problems . The MK1 is an A54 grip frame, serial #10-62885 . Hope this helps , I did measure before ordering .


142.  Mar 10, 2019

Richard K,

Very slick installation, good product.


141. Mar 10, 2010

Wayne S,

Wow! This is a great modification which eliminates a big problem in assembling the Ruger pistol after cleaning. It was simple to install which only took a few minutes after watching the instructional video. I recommend it and I thank you for your invention.


140.  Mar 9, 2019

Thomas C,

Easy installation. Took longer to get the grips off than to put the HHS in.


139.  Mar 7, 2019

Kelly M,

Even though I have field stripped my Mark III countless times, I bought your product because I appreciate the innovative thinking. I did the same thing years ago with my Mini-14 when I invented the Mo-Rod barrel stabilizer...sold thousands of them! I look forward to receiving your invention. Good luck to you!


138.  Mar 7, 2019 

Dave F,

Kudos to the inventor of the HSS!!!! It was a fast & easy install. Works as advertised on my MkIII. This simple device did indeed eliminate ONE of the PITA issues about re-assembly. But the MkIII (along with earlier versions I've owned) is a poor design when it comes to basic maintenance IMHO. Cleaning this gun is more difficult than any other gun I've ever owned.


137.  Mar 7, 2019

Max S,

After seeing the review in the American Rifleman, I contacted the owner by phone. He was not only knowledgeable but also very polite. I ordered the part which promptly arrived. The part was easily installed in about 15 minutes after watching the video and reading the included directions. Reassembly was a snap. No special gunsmithing tools were required. Money well spent. Part was installed on a Ruger Mark II.


136.  Mar 5, 2019

Robert D,

This is a terrific improvement to the MKII-III Ruger pistol. I purchased 1 from Amazon just to try it...fantastic. Price from Amazon is slightly higher since these folks don't charge shipping for multiple parts! Easy install. Be aware that that this is for the metal-frame pistol ONLY! Just ordered 2 more to cover all the Ruger's in my safe! I have installed the 1st in a MKIII-bull-bbl, no problems at all. Do watch the install video.

135.  Mar 4, 2019

Curtis A,

Got my HSS today 3/4 after ordering it on 2/27! Fast shipping! Installed after watching video and it fits/works perfect. Installation was a snap took about 5 minutes, including getting tools rounded up. Glad you came up with a simple device to eliminate a possible headache with a fine firearm. Well worth the money any day.

134.  Mar 2, 2019

Jim M,

Wow!  Greased lightning speed shipping.  From the postmark, went into the mail there in Florida in the lower right hand corner of the map on Thursday the 27 Feb and arrived in my mailbox in Oregon in the upper left hand corner of the map afternoon of Saturday 2 March.

Thank you and kudos to the post office.  I won't get to install it until next weekend, but if the strut support is half as good as the shipping service I am going to be a  happy camper.


133.  Mar 1, 2019

Jackson S,

Thank You for your product... I installed the Hammer Strut Supports in both of my Mark III's... It was an easy install and my future " take them apart then put them back together" will be a much easier process...

Thanks Again,,, Jack in Little Rock, Arkansas

132.  Feb 28, 2019

Dennis D,

Your product has been installed, it certainly works as advertised, Thanks so much for an easy fix. However you should inform customers to be wary of their handgrips. Mine were the plastic black stock ruger. All the screws are spaced out by a molded grommet under the grip. Dont know if mine were seized or what,? I broke a grommet unscrewing. OH well,,,, new grips in the future

131.  Feb 28, 2019  


Never had the issue because I seldom utilized my MK II due to the disassembling and reassembling problems (who beats their weapon with a hammer???). After reading the issues, I purchased HSS and installed it. Now it's time to return to shooting this extremely accurate pistol.


130.  Feb 28, 2019

Doug M,

I am so impressed that your company saw a real problem for Ruger owners and fix it. Genius. I bought 2 of these for my Mark II pistols and easily put them in. Reassembly is now a breeze and as you well know that was not the case before. Telling all my friend about this solution to the only drawback to these great pistols. Thanks, Doug


129.  Feb 27, 2019


Wow, an excellent solution to a major PITA trying to assemble the Ruger MK II. Installation was a breeze after I watched you video. I avoided using my pistol because of the difficulty putting it back together. You're great and simple enhancement has made the process easy!


128.  Feb 26, 2019

John J,

Thanks for an OUTSTANDING product.  I can't for the life of me figure out why Ruger didn't previously come up with a great solution like this.  It would've saved a lot of frustration people experience having to reassemble their pistols.  I have a Ruger Mark III and also a Mark IV pistol but always dreaded cleaning the Mark III after I shot it.  You product makes cleaning & reassembly almost as easy as the Mark IV -- what a life saver.  Now I can take the Mark III out plinking at the range and clean it without all the hassle I previously had.


Look forward to me being a repeat customer... I've already told a few of my friends about your product & service being TOP NOTCH.


7.  Feb 25, 2019


I received my hammer strut supports today, just 4 days! Thank You for taking care of business on my order. Everything arrived in great shape and you cannot tell that there is anything in the envelope other than a letter.


26.  Feb 24, 2019

Ken L,

Found the instructions easy to follow. No problem with a Standard Model made in 1975.I did find it easier to install the support with the gun held vertical.Looking down was easier on the neck and eyes.  


125.  Feb 23, 2019  

Mike H,

simple to install, just be patient & follow directions - flawless design. thanks


124.  Feb 22, 2019  

David V,

Well done.  A nice presentation of your product! No questions about how to install. I just wish you had a foolproof part for the 22/45 model

123.  Feb 19, 2019


The part for the Ruger mark 3 will make assembly a lot easier. I definitely will tell my friends about it.

122.  Feb 18, 2019  

Steve S,

WOW! I struggled with reassembly of the Ruger .22 rimfires for years. I recently purchased and installed the Hammer Strut Support and it has made the reassembly process so much easier! Such an easy fix. Thank you! 6 stars out of 5!

121.  Feb 17, 2019

Joe H,

My buddy called my attention to your small ad in American Rifleman and we both ordered the HSS. The parts arrived quickly and when I went to install mine, to my embarrassment, I found my hammer strut behind the cross pin. I was in too much of a hurry cleaning it years ago. So if anyone needed your part, it was me! Installation was simple and everything works great. Thanks to you, I'm back to shooting my 1985 MKII.  


120. Feb 12, 2019 

Clyde W,

Received the hammer strut support today. Installed in a matter of a few minutes. Works great. Thanks for a great fix at a fair price. Thank you so much for the innovation of a needed and quality part!

119.  Feb 8, 2019


Ordered Sunday, arrived Thursday, Installed in about 2 minutes Friday with guidance from your excellent video. Now ready for easy disassembly cleaning anytime! I love Mark II, the only issue was reassembly "challenges". So glad I found your marvelous and ingenious product, It has GREATLY improved my enjoyment of one of my favorite .22s. THANK you So MUCH!!!

118.  Feb 6, 2019

Phillip S,

Excellent help for a difficult gun to reassembly.

117.  Feb 2, 2019

Chuck G,

Installed these on a Standard Model (circa 1975-1976) and a Mark 1 Target Model (circa 1980). It was more difficult to re-insert the grip screws than it was to install the supports. Purchased these guns new and always a pain to reassemble. Quickest I've ever put these back together. A great product! I hope you get rich.

116.  Feb 2, 2019

John D,

Received my Hammer Strut Support just half an hour ago and it went right together easily. I did notice that it is imperative that the pistol be in fired position, i.e. pulled trigger, to enable the mainspring housing latch closed. I understand why you didn't say that specifically in your directions, but it went together safely and immediately with that "springy" feeling you identified. My Mark II was one that was returned to the Ruger factory because I could hardly get it apart and together when new about 2001 or so (this was my third of this series, so no learning curve problem). Ruger monkeyed around with it and returned it to me "fixed" but the trigger is light, perhaps #3, and a little abrupt which is still ok for target shooting although I liked it better as new. The Hammer Strut Support is a fine addition to this fine .22 pistol, and will certainly prevent the problems some have encountered. Thanks for your kind assistance and good engineering. Best - John D

115.  Feb 2, 2019

Austin K,

After years of fighting and cussing trying to put my Ruger MK II back together, I ordered the HSS. Immediate shipping and receipt - WOW !! Read the instructions twice, watched the video twice and then headed to my work bench. In less than 5 minutes the HSS was installed and the pistol was operating perfectly. I've NEVER BEEN able to get it reassembled in less than 30-45 minutes before. I am totally amazed at this product - it's absolutely worth it's weight in gold. Thank you VERY VERY much for designing it.


114.  Feb 1, 2019  

Ronald W,

I bought the HSS and got it today. I installed the HHS in my Ruger MK II without any problems with the detailed instructions here. I hadn't cleaned my pistol completely due to the hassle of the reassemble, but now its fairly simple. I still had to go back an read the reassembly directions again and finally got the pistol cleaned an properly back to working order. Thanks for this product!!


113.  Jan 31, 2019

Steve B,

The hammer strut support arrived in the mail today and I already have installed it In a 1976 Ruger Mark I that I  bought at a gun store in Colorado last summer on a camping trip. The video and instructions were excellent and the installation went smoothly. Kudos for a great idea! Thanks, Steve

112.  Jan 30, 2019

Craig C,

I missed the greater part of the Super Bowl a few years back trying to get my Mark III Hunter reassembled. Just finished installing the HSS and look forward to easy cleaning and reassembly. Clear instructions and video made installation a snap. I love it! Thanks - Craig

111. Jan 30, 2019

Teddy S.

Hey!  Your workaround part worked part and parcel perfectly!  I am so happy now with my Mark III Volquartsen LLV Cobra! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)

110. Jan 30, 2019

Ronald H,

It was easy to install in my MK III Hunter SS 8 3/8 barrel. Unfortunately I hadn't taken it apart for a while and reassembly was a chore. The u-tube video I looked at praised the pistol but said its reassembly can be tricky. You really have to pay attention to each detail in each step. Thanks for a neat product!

109. Jan 24, 2019 (suggestion only)

Dan K,

You really need a printer friendly version of print instructions.

Response from HSS Corp: Thank you Dan for your suggestion.  We have now added a PDF file download button at the bottom of the "installation" page to download a printer friendly version of the installation instructions without all of the pictures. --Tom


108. Jan 24, 2019

Kevin M,

Okay, I cannot believe how easy this was to install (5 minutes or less) and how it effectively eliminates the worst thing about the old Mark pistols. Kudos to the HSS team. I'm telling everyone I know that has an old Mark to buy this.


107.  Jan 22, 2019

Mike Z,

Installed easily in my MK I. Video and web site proved helpful for installation procedure check as pictures and information made it easy and I am no gunsmith. Reassembly is now less tedious. Glad I saw the article from NRA publication that put me onto the product. Thanks


106. Jan 21, 2019  

Mark C,

Installed HSS in both of my Ruger MK IIs. Target and Standard Models. Took very little time following included instructions and now assembly of both guns has become much more friendly. Thanks, great device.

105.  Jan 20, 2019

Ken J,

Took 15 to 20 minutes to install. Made disassembly and reassembly easier good investment


104.  Jan 20, 2019

Mike T, 

Five minute installation starting with fully assembled pistol in hand. Works exactly as advertised, eliminates THE most frustrating error in assembling the Ruger MK pistols.

103.  Jan 18, 2019

Thomas H,

The Hammer Strut Support arrived today. I installed it without any difficulty and it works fine. Thank you for your excellent product. Ruger MKII serial #19-6****


102.  Jan 10, 2019

Mike S,

Good afternoon, just wanted to let you know I received my HSS the other day.  I installed it and reassembled my Ruger.  Love it!! Thanks, Mike.

101.  Jan 8, 2019

Timothy R,

This thing is so cool. Installed easily and works great. Thank you Mr. Genius.  


100.  Jan 7, 2019

Les T,

My Wife's Ruger Mark III sits in my safe for months because of the pain in the arse cleaning and reassembly procedure. The HHS was a breeze to install with the great video. After installing the HHS it's totally obvious how to reassemble and will no longer be a problem after cleaning. It's amazing to me that Ruger never came up with this easy and impressive fix. Two thumbs UP !


99.  Jan 5, 2019  

Dennis U,

I only just ordered this, but after watching the best lighted and detailed video I've ever seen and reading some of the reviews I'm looking forward to (reasonably) fast and easy installation on a MkIII I've had for a couple of years and have never broken down except for a gunsmith install of the Volquartsen trigger.


98.  Dec 29, 2019


Have one of the last MKI Bull Barrels made 17-71295.  You're a genius! I'm not.  But... with your instructions and video, badda-bing! 

HSS is elegant, simple, easy, effective, DIY and inexpensive.

Grazie Mille! 

God Bless America



97.  Dec 1, 2018 

Chuck S,

FYI: I have a Ruger Standard s/n 13-6xxxx made in 1976 with roll mark on the barrel reading "Made in the 200th year of American Liberty". The HSS is a simple and ingenious device that works like a charm. Took longer to remove and replace the grips than to slide the roll pin out of position and install the HSS. Just wanted to let everyone know it does fit this model Standard without any trouble. 


HSS should consider contacting Ruger and see if they would let you advertise this easy fix on their web site. There are tons of Ruger MK pistol owners that would love to know about this great product.

96.  Dec 1, 2018 

Ted S,

Works great easy install. Thanks for help with phone call.  Will make cleaning my mark II a breeze.

95.  Dec 1, 2018 

Wayne C,

Works great in my Mark 1. I had to spend considerable time "machining"the too thick part with a file & emery cloth. It was just thick enough to not allow the pin to realign with the hole again. Perhaps the tolerances in my gun were a little tighter than many. Any way it works fine & has ended the nightmare of reassembly! Thank you.

Note from HSS Corp:  if you must remove any material from the Hammer Strut Support to fit in the 1967 or 1970-1974 models, remember to spray paint over the area where the protective coating was removed on the Hammer Strut Support.  Full details are included on the "Compatibility" page on this website.

94.  Nov 28, 2018 

Fred B,

  • Great product!! Thank you.

  • Message Got my Hammer Strut Supports for my two Rugers the other day. Today I installed them - easy as pie! I did both pistols in about 20 minutes, and at least half that time was rounding up my tools! Where were you 46 years ago when I bought my first Ruger Mark I, and swore at it every time I cleaned it and had to reassemble the dreaded mainspring housing! Thanks again for a Great and Very Welcome product!

93.  Nov 27, 2018 

Cliff Z,

I am a retired LEO / Police Department Armorer. I sold off my old MKl decades ago because of the known reassembly issues. I missed it and replaced it with a MKll. In my opinion, these Ruger semi auto 22's are among the best of the no buyers remorse 22 semi auto's to own. It is unclear as to why Ruger never did this type of fix / upgrade, if they had I am sure the purchasing recommendations to other buyers for other manufactures 22 semi auto pistols would be largely eliminated. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PART / UPGRADE!!!! This is a reason to go out and buy a new or used Ruger MK pistol. Cleaning is now something I no longer dread with this pistol

92.  Nov 26, 2018.

Vern W,

I just installed your support into two MK's. They installed as easily as advertised. My wife's MK II reassembled perfectly. I had a little trouble with my MK III, but I think it was me.  Thanks. It never ceases to amaze me how inventive some people can get when solving a problem. Your little support is pretty ingenius.


91.  Nov 16, 2018

Steve C,

Thank you for the 2 hammer strut support items, which I easily installed into my 2 Ruger Mk2s. I thought that your enclosed instruction sheets were clear and easy to understand.  I also reviewed your website and enjoyed it very much.  I tell everyone about HSS.


90.  Nov 4, 2018  

Earl H,

IF YOU HAVE A RUGER MARK 111 YOU NEED THIS SUPPORT!!! I had just about quit shooting my Ruger Mark 111 due to the exasperating problems of taking it apart and putting it back together for cleaning. I saw the ad for the Hammer Strut Support and thought ....give it a try and it is remarkable how good it works. The hardest part to install it, if you can say hard, was taking the grips off, very simple to put in and well worth the money.


89.  Oct 23, 2018

Steve B, 

Thanks! I spent more time taking off the grips from my Mark II than it took me to install the hammer strut. The whole operation took me less than 5 minutes. Reassembled my pistol correctly for the first time EVER without the hassle. Fantastic! Your instructional video was dead on in to how easy it is to do the install. Thanks again.


88. Oct 17, 2018

Pete L,

I’ve been putting off cleaning my MK II just due to the annoyance of it all. Sure as the video says a few minutes to install this little piece of ingenuity and reassembly is a breeze. Thanks for a simple solution to such a pesky problem.

87. Oct 9, 2018

Bill Q,

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. Thank you.

86. Oct 9, 2018


Just bought a mk iv and love it. Also have 2 mk ll’s and want to keep them because of family size and they are different models. Install was a piece of cake. The video is excellent. Took me about 20 minutes for both. 15 minutes for first support and 5 for last one. Thanks HSS for a great product that works!!


85. Oct 7, 2018

Nick C.

Thank you. I re-reviewed your excellent video and script and seemed to indicate that. Common sense! I have 2 Mark II’s and the new MK IV. Couldn’t part with the II’s!
Thanks for responding. Just finished installing both your HSS’s. Simple. Thanks for a great product!!


84. Sept 25, 2018

Carl G,

I actually stopped shooting my Ruger Mark II because it was such a pain in the butt to clean and reassemble. I had to keep the owner's manual at my work bench to assist me when I reassembled the gun after cleaning. I saw your ad in American Rifleman and bought the hammer strut support right away. I received your hammer strut support, watched your video and had my hammer strut support installed in less than 10 minutes. Your video is one of the best "how to" videos on the internet! What a great product you invented. I hope you become a millionaire. I can't believe Ruger didn't do that years ago. I shoot my Ruger Mark II all the time now. After installing your hammer strut support, the gun is now easy to clean and reassemble with absolutely no hassles. You made my shooting a pleasure again. Thank you,


83. Sept 20, 2018  

Robert L,

Thanks for figuring out how to make what I had been wishing for. Took a little longer to install than the video showed, my (all thumbs) arthritic hands added a few minutes. The lower cross pin had to be rotated to go back easily. Apparently it had gone out of "true" sometime since 1959. Point is, don't get frustrated! It works as advertised. Simply put, get one.

82. Sep 17, 2018

Frederick N,

The installation of the Hammer Strut Support was as shown on the video on your web site. Set up and take down of my work mat and tools was longer than the installation process. Thank you for your much needed solution to the take down and re-assembly of my Mark III . There are millions of owners that can now disassemble, clean, and reassemble their Ruger Pistols without the frustrations of the past.


81. Sep 16, 2018


I recently purchased two of your strut supports. In the past, I would have to wait for my adult son to come home and reassemble the pistols after I had given up on the assembly. The supports were easy to install, and they work! Thank you.


80. Sep 4, 2018

John H,

Cudos for getting back to me looked over your site this evening wanted to let ya know

I ordered one of the HSSs; great tutorial on the install will install and pass onto others!

Great Customer Service.

79. Sep 4, 2018

Ken J,

Thanks for the quick delivery. Installation was a breeze. It took me longer to take the grips off than installing the strut. Looks like it will really do the job. I disassembled my Ruger Std s/n 443xx (~1952) several times to make sure I installed it correctly. Works like a charm. What a simple solution to a very nagging headache. THANKS.

78. Sep 2, 2018

Rick N,

How long before Ruger buys you out? Your invention will curtail sales of the Mk IV.  I decided to sell my Mk III and buy a Mk IV until I saw your strut support. I love the video. I have the same Mk III as yours. Thank you for the tip to pull the bolt back so the firing pin doesn't get peened.

77. Aug 30, 2018

Aubrey L

I got my new hammer strut in the mail today and I couldn't wait to see if I could put it in. I was installing it in my Ruger mk i. The only problem I ran into was with the pin. It was very difficult to get it started coming out. I had to use a small punch to get it started. I was very careful not to take it out too far. I got everything back together and the worked great. As I have several Rugers, I will be ordering one for each. A very satisfied customer!!

76. Aug 30, 2018

Phillip W

What a great product. Mine arrived this morning, very fast shipping, and installed in 3 minutes. It works as advertised. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

75. Aug 25, 2018

Lonny C

Wow, why didn't Ruger think of this? When I first opened up my Mk II, it appeared that the pin that the HSS needed to slip under was farther down than I imagined. But it went together is less than 3 minutes. Great improvement and thanks.

74. Aug 25, 2018

Jason H

Purchased a Mark III a couple weeks ago and was about to take a loss and trade for a Mark IV. So glad I came across this in American Rifleman Magazine.

73. Aug 24, 2018

James L,

5 minute install. No problem at all. Thank you. will certainly recommend this to my friends with Rugers!

72. Aug 23, 2018

Robert H,

Thank you!


71. Aug 22, 2018

Karl S,

No more cussing about Field stripping my Ruger, because your little  trick really works. You are truly a "McGiver".   Thanks Again.

70. Aug 19, 2018


Fantastic little product. I have always had a hard time reassembling my Ruger MK II and have occasionally had the hammer strut lodge behind the lower cross-pin. I installed the Hammer Strut Support in less than 5 minutes on my first try and reassembly now seems to be easier than ever. Bottom line: I highly recommend this product for the MK II. Nicely done!

69. Aug 9, 2018


Just installed today. Very nice. I believe my pistol was made in 1957 according to serial number. Fit nice. Install was about 10 minutes doing it by myself and no vice. Good product.

68. Aug 9, 2018


I just wanted everyone to know that I had received a HSS that was machined out of spec. My email note, noting my concern, as to try and use the part was acted on very quickly with a "NO" do not use the part. I received a replacement HSS along with an apology and at no additional cost. This was simply a piece that had slipped by inspection and was quickly replaced, making it right!

67. Aug 6, 2018


Just installed HSS on my 1970 MK1 serial 10-56689. Fit perfectly. Reassembly went from near impossible to a quick move anyone can learn blindfolded. Thanks for a great product at a great price. Highly recommended.

66. Aug 4, 2018


I purchased a HSS for a Mark I Serial # 17-618xx made in 1982 with an A100 Grip Frame.  Everything works great. I also installed a Speed Strip Kit.  Your Hammer Strut Support compliments the Speed Strip.

65. Mark P,

Aug 4, 2018

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... The only question I have is why on earth has Ruger not done something like this since the first models of the pistol were introduced near 70 years ago.

64. Aug 4, 2018

Don's Guns Shop

Just installed your part in a customers Mark II, and it was well worth it. Installation was so much easier when going back together. Nice product.

63. Aug 1, 2018

Paul K,

Installed three HSS units in one Mark II and two Mark III's (internally suppressed, Dark Horse Arms). 15 minutes for all three. Very simple, worked perfectly. Great invention!!!  Thank you.


62. July 31, 2018

Wm D,

Your 10 minute estimate was "right on". Installed in a fairly new Mk III SN:271-XXXXX for your records.

61. July 28, 2018


It took me about 10 minutes and it was done! Works great. Thanks so much. I'll enjoy using the pistol more now, knowing I won't have to fight to clean it!

60. July 25, 2018


Just as easy to install as advertised. It fit perfectly into my 1980 (sn 16-66xxx) Mark I Bull Barrel. Re-assembly was the easiest ever. Great product, great idea, great modification! Now why didn't Ruger engineers think of this years ago. I'm just glad that you did!!

59. July 23, 2018

Don R

I installed two HSS devices into a Ruger Mark III Target Competition model as well as a much older Ruger Mark I Standard model. The Mark I Standard was of the S/N 15-53xxx (1979 Era). Both worked as advertised and make re-assembly so much easier than without the HSS part in place. A great and welcome addition to my Ruger .22LR pistols.

58. July 23, 2018

Roy M

Hammer Strut Support arrive faster than I expected, installation instructions couldn't have been better. Thank you spool much! Feel free to share this review.

57. July 22, 2018

Kieth T

I can now love my Mk II Slab Side stainless Target Competition again! I got so frustrated stripping and reassembling the pistol after shooting that I just put it in the safe and let it sit. Saw the add in the American Rifleman, and figured, it can't hurt. Install was simple, and the reassembly could not be easier. Great design! Off to the range.

56. July 22, 2018


I installed the hammer strut in place with such ease......sweet and in five minutes ....even sweeter.

55. July 20, 2018


I wanted to let you know, I installed the hammer strut into my Ruger MARK I which was produced in 1980, and the installation went well.  I set aside a block of morning time, but the installation went quickly.  Now to the range. 

54. July 17, 2018

Robert S

I have received two struts and I installed them both in under 15 minutes. I have also told my local gunshop owner about your product. I will also inform all my shooting friends who own Rugers that I highly recommend your product. Thank you again Robert

53. June 29, 2018

Roger C,

After some difficulties with our beloved US Mail, I finally received my first hammer strut support, Well, as an engineer and gun enthusiast my first though was @#$%$^&@ why did I not think of this?? It only took minutes to install and it works like a dream. Took the MKII to the range and no issues problems or hang-ups!! I even took the gun down at the range table to ensure proper fitment and ease of assembly. I will be purchasing more of these superb devises for my growing collection of MKII's. Five Stars*****!!!! Best regards and continued success,

52.June 29, 2018


Precision part, Precise instructions, Prompt shipping.  Thanx!

51. April 26, 2018

Arlyn H,

Ruger Standard Model pistol Serial #80XXX

Just recently received two hammer strut supports for my Ruger Standard and MKIII Competition pistols. For your information on year of manufacturer, my Ruger Standard was made in 1954 and the strut support fit perfectly. Thanks for a neat invention.

50. April 19, 2018

Peter R,

I purchased two Hammer Strut Supports. Installed one on a 1957 era Standard Model with no problem except restoring the cross pin back into the right side of the handle. The HSS slid in exactly as advertised. Just don't rush into the task, there are a dozen helpful hints in the instructions and the video that make it easy. The second was installed into a MK III Hunter with some resistance reinstalling the cross pin.[the resistance was from the pin and its hole, not from the HSS]. The HSS has sure fixed an annoying procedure!

49. April 2, 2018

George T,

A dream come true for my MKII Target 10" Stainless. Have probably taken it apart three times since I bought it the early '80s sometime. The only saving grace is it's stainless steel so I flush cleaned it. Now I know I can strip it and it will go back together. Love how it just came in a regular mail envelope...highly recommended for sure.


48. March 20, 2018


Thank you. Easy install!

47. March 11, 2018


Took longer to remove the grips than it did to install the support! Such a simple part but fits and functions perfectly. No rattle, pin went back in with only a tiny bit of added resistance. If you have a MK II or III this will save your sanity, eliminates the worst part of cleaning these pistols. Just get one, you won't regret it! 

46. March 5, 2018


Works great! Easy to install, two Rugers in 10 minutes. 

What a wonderful product. 

45. Feb 28,2018

Rich A,

Ordered one and received it in three days. Put it in my Mark III Hunter in about ten minutes. It works like it is advertised. Have put 240 rounds through the MK III since with no problems and cleaned it with the reassembly being no problem and that was a first. A hardy thank you goes to the inventor. Ruger should have thought of the solution years ago. RAA 

44. Feb 24, 2018


Purchased yesterday from you at the ATL Gun Show.
Installed today, like you said, took a couple of minutes.
Very nice and so easy to put back together, makes me want to take that MKII out to the range more often!

43. Feb 23, 2018

Bob K,

I received my HSS and got around to installing it today, everything went well until I tried to finish up by installing the Mainspring Housing Assembly, it would not go the last 1/4", I called the manufacturer and he helped me through the problem which was my fault as the hammer was hanging up and not allowing the strut to go into place. This is a great idea and very good service. I highly recommend this product. 
I installed it on a Ruger MK I and it took a little effort to get the pin back in place but nothing that can't be handled with a little  "Yankee Ingenuity" 

42. Feb 8, 2018

Rick G,



41. Jan 30, 2018

Mark R,
Easiest Ruger MkII modification I have done and I have done everything that most average folks do, triggers, hammers, sears, extractors etc. Takes about 5 minutes to put in. Shipping was fast. Packaging and instructions are great. What else can i say?

40. Jan 23, 2018

45Flattop (from

I ordered two after reading John Taffin's remarks in American Handgunner
magazine recently, one for a MKII KMK512 and one for a much older, circa
1967 RST-4 and they both fit and work perfectly, for reference, the RST-4
is serial number 474XXX if anyone cares to set up a MKI/RST timeline on
determining if the HSS will likely fit their particular gun. 

NOTE:  on this website, on the "Compatibility" tab, we are compiling this info, if anyone else would like to contribute your info. Thank you,--Tom, HSS Corp

39. Jan 23, 2018


I found them and ordered 2. Gave one to my friend that hates his Mark III just because of taking it down to clean it. He has not had a problem since his install. Thanks for a great product. 

37. Jan 22, 2018

Les M,

I emailed HSS to ask why MK II/III & not MK I. Got an email back & it turns out the '70s MK I's had an alignment problem when drilling the cross pin holes. Some would fit, others wouldn't. My MK I is early 70's. I went ahead & ordered 2, MK I & MK II. They got here much faster than I was able to get the time to get them installed. The MK II was no problem. The MK I took some effort, but I did get it in. Great product & it works just like advertised. Highly recommend it. 

36. Jan 21, 2018


After years of aggravation, THANK YOU! 

35. Jan 14, 2018

Scott F,

Thanks for making such a great product!!! Easy to install and now saves me a lot of stress when putting my MkIII back together!!!! 

34. Jan 6, 2018

Biker 4751,

Installs and works perfectly with the Volquartsen lower (clone for Ruger MKIII). Please notify me when you get a similar product available for the Ruger 22/45. 

33. Dec 29, 2017

Ed M,

The Hammer Strut Support arrived here very quickly - I installed them on a Ruger Mark II and Mark III and as you said, very easy.  Great product!  I have recommended it to my friends.

32. Dec 28, 2017

Walter S,

I just ordered 3 Hammer Strut Supports on 12/22/2017 at 11PM and I received them in the mail on 12/26/2017 at 3PM. Wow, are you fast at filling and mailing orders!!!!! 
I installed a hammer strut support in a Mark III, a Mark II, and a Mark I on the evening of 12/27/2017. The strut fit into all three Rugers without a hitch. On the Mark I, the strut surprisingly fit with no adjustment whatsoever!! After reading on your website about the possible difficulties with installation on Mark 1s I was flabbergasted to say the least. For your information, my Mark I is a 1979 model. Thanks for being able to design and manufacture such a fine and easy to install part to make cleaning a Pre-Mark IV Ruger .22LR handgun so much easier to endure!!! 
Walter S
PS: I wish you continued success in your designing, manufacturing and sales of your business. 

31. Dec 26, 2017


I successfully installed both of them, one in an ancient yet well preserved Standard Model from 1967 and a new until yesterday afternoon, MKII Target.  Both work precisely as advertised and I am past satisfied. 

30. Dec 18, 2017


recv'd my HSS and it was in my TALO RIO-edition SS Mark III within one minute after taking off the grips - excellent fit, easy install, and indispensable! thanks! 

29. Dec 14, 2017

Tom M.,

I have a MK II that I bought used about three years ago. I had the common struggle, at first, when going through the usual struggle to take down/clean and reassemble. So, I have now done so more than 100 times. But, the learning curve was a challenge. With the simple installation of the HSS, it now couldn't be much easier. Thanks so much for this excellent, inexpensive part. 

28. Dec 12, 2017


Thank you very much, your device is already making my reassembly of my Ruger Mk I and Mark II a lot easier. Your product works even in my Mk I.  Excellent product.  I sure will tell any of my friends and any one than I'm coming across at the Range, that will has a Ruger 22. 
Thanks again wonderful product. 

27. Dec 7, 2017


Finally got around to "try" & fit the strut support in my MkIII.  After what seemed like hours of watching videos & it not sliding into grip, I finally found a video that showed it had to be tilted to drop in. I just never noticed the frame was wider once inside. My bad. Even so, you might mention this fact in future instructions. It now works as promised. Thank

NOTE: HSS Corp website added HSS installation comment about this.   Thank you for your suggestion-Tom 

26. Nov 28, 2017


THANK YOU........

I hope you become a millionaire... It took a little bit to get it in. I pulled the pin too far so I had to rehook the spring. My pin has a widget of a bend to it, so it took a bit to get it back in, but once I did she works like a champ.  

Thank You..... 

25. Nov 27, 2017  
John G
Terrific idea. Took less than 15 minutes for the entire installation. Wish this had come along years ago and downside, now I have no excuse to not clean the gun. 

24. Nov 24, 2017

Tom H,

I made this improvement on my Ruger MK III and made a review of it and now I am doing another review after doing the same to my MK II and as with both pistols, I had absolutely no issues when firing them at the range and the installation was simple and took about ten minutes. This modification will save a lot of frustration and stress when reassembling the firearm and the Ruger engineers are probably kicking themselves for not thinking of it in the first place. Happy trails and God bless America. 

23. Nov 20, 2017

Terry T,

I have told how wonderful your product is. Gave your address and phone number. It took about 2 minutes to install each and now I don’t have to buy a new gun just to keep it clean. Hope you get a whole lot of business. God bless and thanks again.


22. Nov 19, 2017

Tom B

Just wanted to let you know I received the 2 hammer strut supports I ordered. I installed one on a Ruger Mark II and one on a Ruger Mark I. Both installed easily and they worked great. Thank you for bringing this to market. Mark me down as a real fan and keep up the good work. Now, since I am a south paw, please dream up an ambi safety for me. (Smile). Thank you again and many kudos to HSS Corp. 

21. Nov 19, 2017


I hope you are happy with yourselves. Your little .... piece of metal saved me about $500 to $600 on a new Ruger Mark IV. Seeing as you were so helpful in making my Mark II easy to service and clean, maybe you can suggest what I can do with my extra and unneeded $600. 
Seriously, a brilliant device. You saw a problem and devised a solution. Honestly I think you should charge more ..... Seeing as I already have mine. 

20. Nov 18, 2017


Received my Hammer Strut Support yesterday, and installed it just as you say.  Being my first, it took a little extra time, maybe 10 minutes, but it went in and it works!  I have always hated to clean that pistol, because it is such a SOB to field strip and re-assemble.  This really helps.  Will spread the gospel wherever I can.

19. Nov 17, 2017

Tom H,

I saw an article in Guns Magazine written by John Taffin about this item and ordered one for my Ruger MKIII and it took about a week to get it. I installed it in less than ten minutes, took it to the range the same day and fired 200 rounds just to make sure that the part did not interfere with the function of the pistol. My MKIII worked flawlessly with absolutely no issues at all so I have ordered another one for my Ruger MKII pistol. Bill Ruger is probably looking from above in awe? God bless America. 

18. Nov 16, 2017


Just installed my HSS in my Ruger standard. Made in 1978, serial number starts with 14-. Perfect fit, no problem. Thought it might be helpful to you to know. 

17. Nov 16, 2017


Made time this morning to install Hammer Strut Support in My Ruger MK 1 Bull barrel.

Went in like a dream.  Will pass word around the indoor pistol range.

16. Nov 13, 2017


Received it today in the mail. Installed it tonight. Thanks. Fits great. Looks like a great product. You should have worked for Ruger. 

15. Nov 11, 2017

Tom G (customer),

I installed my HSS hammer strut today, am very happy with it, but would suggest in your installation instructions that it should state that the magazine should be left in , I fought it until that come to mind and ,viola, went together in a snap.

NOTE: HSS Corp website added HSS installation comment for MK III  pistols to have magazine installed to enable hammer movement forward (hammer fired position). Thank you-Tom (HSS Corp)

14. Nov 2, 2017


The strut was easy and quick to install. Reassembly of the gun was a breeze. I will be shooting my mark 11 much more often because I no longer dread the reassembly after cleaning. I hope the inventor makes a pile of cash. 

13. Oct 29, 2017


Tom, I just installed an HSS in my MK III Target pistol. Piece of cake. Video is excellent. Now to do my Competition MK III.  I shared the video with the Ruger Face Book page.  I thank you and wish you success in your endeavors.  

12. Oct 28, 2017


Just wanted to thank you for developing the HSS. I've had my Mk II for nearly 20 years and have shot it only 3 or 4 times because it is such a pain to reassemble after cleaning. Now that I'm 70 years old I can start shooting my favorite 22 pistol again on a regular basis. 
The installation was so easy....using a pair of my fly fishing forceps to hold the hammer strut I was able to slip the HSS in place sitting at the kitchen table. 
Perfect, and again thank you! 

11. Oct 27, 2017


Thanks a LOT for your prompt reply,  you have a GREAT product.

I've used it on a friends Mark II.  I wish everyone knew about this

item, as there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a newer model.

I'll be sure to pass this info to everyone that I know ! ! !

10. Oct, 27, 2017


Ordered two. Arrived quickly. Installed one in my Mark III Target easily. Very simple install. Second one is for my daughters Mark III. Five stars plus! 

9. Oct 8, 2017

Mostly Right

The Hammer Support Strut was a breeze to install thanks to the instructive and clear video. 5 Stars for functionality and easy of installation. The machine tooling is also pretty good. I would buy again. 

8. Sep 22, 2017


Just installed my HSS in a NIB MkIII. I had to drive the pin and the mainspring assembly out with punches. Other than that it was a piece of cake. 
Previously I had a MkII and seemed to always have trouble putting the thing back together. This time around I decided to take a proactive approach right from the get-go; thanks to Tom's brilliant and simple invention. Thank you, Tom, for eliminating future angst and frustration. :-) 

7. Aug 6, 2017


Best thing I've ever done with my Ruger Mach 2 thank you H S S Corp.

6. April 21, 2017

Wounded Knee Floyd

I ordered this, got it in the mail last night, installed it in about two minutes, very slick. My days of struggle are over. Thanks for the excellent product! Floyd.

5. March 11, 2017


I saw it on Ebay. I asked in another thread if it was a solution to a problem that I really did not have.  Then I decided what the heck and ordered it to give it a try. I never had many problems taking mine apart or putting it back together, but the strut support seems to be made nicely and works well on my Mark III.

4. March 1, 2017

Sweet William

I got mine a couple weeks ago. Works great.
Problem is it cost me a lot more then I needed to spend. When I took it apart to install and give the pistol a good cleaning I decided to order a Volquartsen accurizing kit with stainless trigger and the part to eliminate the loaded chamber indicator. Lol
Turned her into a mark11.

3. Feb 26, 2017


Well I finally got time to put in the HSS and it was as easy as can be.  Everything that Tom had on his video on YouTube, and instructions that were provided were spot on.
It's great to know there are people out there that have concerns enough to figure out a fix that will save people a lot of time and frustration,
A+goes out to you Tom and I hope Ruger contacts you wanting to work somthing out to benefit both of you .
Good luck with your "fix"

2. Feb 24, 2017


My two landed. Installed one in a couple of minutes. Definitely makes assembly a great deal easier. Great product!


February 3, 2017

1. Pistolero

My Hammer Strut Support (HSS) arrived today. I installed it on my old Ruger Standard. Very simple installation and it works great!

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