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Hammer Strut Support(R) (patented)  for Ruger MK

Tested and Recommened by National Magazines (and hundreds of customers)

NRA American Rifleman Magazine Review:

March 2019, page 35

Owners of Ruger’s Mark series .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic pistols have long dreaded cleaning them due to the onerous nature of the reassembly process, which could sometimes result in a non-functional pistol....(Hammer Strut Support) precludes future incorrect reassembly. The patented U.S.-made Hammer Strut Support ....blocks the hammer strut from becoming lodged under sear spring stop pin


Handguns Magazine Review: 

by J. Scott Rupp, Editor in Chief: Dec 2017/Jan 2018 issue, page 12:

..... you'll never again utter curses while working on your Mark II or III.


Guns Magazine Review:  

by John Taffin: January 2018 issue, page 69  

.....makes reassembly so much easier..... allows the mainspring to be installed correctly and hassle-free ...


American Handgunner Magazine Review​:  

Mar/April 2018 issue, page 98

..... allows hammer mainspring assembly to be easily and correctly installed into Ruger MK pistols....No ... experience needed


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